Home Disney News Disney cancels Epcot fireworks. Will Magic Kingdom fireworks be canceled as well?

Disney cancels Epcot fireworks. Will Magic Kingdom fireworks be canceled as well?

Disney cancels Epcot fireworks. Will Magic Kingdom fireworks be canceled as well?
Credit: Disney

Less than a week after fireworks lit up the sky at Disney World again, Epcot Forever fireworks have been canceled tonight. Will Happily Ever After endure the same fate?

Fireworks Return

Credit: Disney

It has been almost one week since the return of fireworks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. It is special timing as our country celebrated Independence Day this past weekend!

Check out best viewing spots for Happily Ever After inside and outside Magic Kingdom.

Tropical Storm Elsa

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Elsa has loomed over the area for the past few days. Disney has been preparing by adding hurricane meals at various resort restaurants.

There is also a flood watch and a tornado watch in effect for the area. If you are in the area, please be safe! Disney does a terrific job preparing for storms.

It would be helpful for you to have extra food and battery-operated flashlights and phone chargers in your room. Maybe grab some card games or other activities to keep you occupied in your room during any periods of time that you may be asked to remain in your room.

Canceled Fireworks

Credit: Disney

Due to the severe weather that is in the area, Disney has taken the precautionary measure of canceling Epcot Forever tonight, July 6.

At time of publication, Happily Ever After is still set to happen at 9:15 pm. Check out the screenshot below from the Disney calendar.

As a reminder, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom do not have any nighttime shows so there are no canceled fireworks at those two parks.

So far, we do not know of any other measures Disney World has taken. The parks are all still open at the time of writing this. Please Elsa, don’t let the storm rage on. Be safe, everyone!

Are you at Disney World right now? Were you hoping to watch Epcot Forever tonight? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


  1. I think it’s a great excuse for Disney to save money and blame it on somebody else. Once again they take away everything but the price of admission. We are cutting back on our visit there as a result of they’re limiting policies are no longer make any sense.

  2. I understand that no one can co trol the weather, but Disney World is very expensive and families have been planning and saving for this maybe once in a lifetime experience. I hope the executives will make up to their guest in someway for this. They already canceled their dining plans.

  3. Ripoff. MK has fireworks on the 6th, though Epcot (where we had tickets for) doesn’t. Where’s the logic?

    Mickey is really shafting Epcot guests and not just on the fireworks.

  4. If it is so bad then why not shut down the parks entirely? I really don’t like that they have become so complacent about canceling magic.

  5. Lol. Trump lost. Get over it. If you don’t wanna go to Disney don’t go. Stay in topic also. The cancelled fireworks were weather related. Not conspiracy driven.

  6. Do you mean the World Heritage site St. Basil’s Cathedral build in Moscow by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1561?
    What does it say? :)

  7. I’m here in Disney for the safety of everyone I’m glad there canceling the fireworks tonite I hope magic kingdoms does the same. It’s not save for small children to be out in this kind of weather.

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