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This Boo Bash Night is Already SOLD OUT

This Boo Bash Night is Already SOLD OUT
Source: Disney

Hoping to get tickets to Boo Bash? Well, one night is already sold out. Read on for more details!

Boo Bash

Many Disney goers love traveling in the fall because of the fall decor but also the Halloween festivities. This year Disney will not be having Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Disney announced that they would be doing a Boo Bash After Hours event instead of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. After Hours typically have less guests than a party. I hope this is true, but we won’t know for sure until the actual After Hours Event.

Boo Bash is hard ticket event. You do not need a regular park ticket to enjoy this event. Similar to a party, they will be offering special Halloween themed treats, cavalcades, and trick or treating! Read here for dates and prices.

I personally love After Hour events. I was able to do so much in a nearly empty park! Read my pre-covid After Hours experience HERE.

Phone Line Difficulties

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Guests staying at select resort hotels can now purchase tickets to Boo Bash beginning today, June 8. Other Guests can book beginning June 15.

Tickets are not available online, and you must call to purchase them.

Phone lines opened at 7 am but many waited close to an hour to even get through! Even our own KtP Writer, Jamie, is one of those trying to purchase tickets. She got the busy signal for almost an hour, and when they did finally put her through she sat on hold until almost 8:30 when she was disconnected.

Sold Out Night

It is now being reported that Boo Bash for Halloween night is SOLD OUT! This is a very popular night even when it was a party. In fact, it’s usually one of the first nights to sell out! At this time, it is not known if more tickets will become available or if there is a limited number held for off-site guests.

Will you be attending a Boo Bash After Hours? What do you think of it selling out? Let us know on the Kenny the Pirate Facebook page. Don’t forget to join the KtP crew page too!

-Heather Alosa


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  1. My husband and I go to WDW every year at Halloween and part of the fun is attending the Not So Scary Halloween Party – and since yesterday all we have gotten is “sorry all lines are busy right now, please call back later” message when we’ve tried to call. We are both working folks and can’t sit on hold for hours at a time even if we could get through. I’m not sure why these can’t be booked online and I’m truly frustrated that we will be there on Halloween night and not be able to attend the Boo Bash. UGH.

  2. I will gladly consider myself a “sucker” if that means getting a glorious experience (and, yes, it will be) and not having to battle hordes of other people. I adore Halloween at Disney and this event sounds BETTER than the Halloween party. I am ecstatic to be going on Halloween night. I have no need for character meet and greets and can take or leave fireworks. I am there for the ambiance, the decorations, and the excitement, and there will be tons of that. And FAR FEWER PEOPLE, which is a tremendous selling point for me. With far fewer families willing to shell out the $200 per person for Halloween, I’ll have fewer misbehaved children to deal with, fewer annoying adults to deal with, shorter lines, and more space to roam and enjoy. I would much, much, much, much rather have 3 hours of very low capacity than 5 hours of crammed. Well worth the price. Well worth the hours on the phone. Thrilled.

  3. You are all mad. It is this insanity that pushes prices up. So long as Disney can charge more for less and there are suckers prepared to pay nothing will change.

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