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Check Out the Big Bonuses and Job Opportunities at Walt Disney World

Check Out the Big Bonuses and Job Opportunities at Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World continues to prepare for the busy summer crowds. Check out the new offer that not only allows you a chance to work inside the magic but also offers big sign-on bonuses.

Cast Members

We are so excited to hear that so many Cast Members are receiving their calls to return to work a Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Cast Members are able to receive fun perks with their job, and another great perk was announced in April. Check out how Cast Members can enjoy select Disney Resorts for FREE HERE.

Not only have Cast Members been called back, but the Disney College Program is now returning. So many college students have excitedly posted their acceptance letters to this great program. Check out the full details of the return of this program HERE.

New Positions with Bonuses

Due to massive layoffs across the country (and in particular within the Walt Disney Company), there are now many new openings in particular with the Palmas Restaurant Group owned dining locations at the Walt Disney World Resort.

In EPCOT positions are available at the following locations: San Angel Inn, La Cantina de San Angel, and LaHacienda de San Angel.

In the Disney Resorts, job openings are available at Coronado Springs El Mercardo, Rix Sports Bar, and Laguna Bar. At Disney Springs, the Palmas Restaurant Group also has positions available at Frontera Cocina.

The Palmas Restaurant Group is reportedly looking to fill 60 job positions across the Walt Disney World Resort including EPCOT, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs.

Credit: Disney

In addition to an opportunity to work inside the magic, Palmas Restaurant Group is also willing to offer up to a $1,000 sign-on bonus (based upon position and experience.) You can view a full list of available positions HERE.

Palmas Restaurant Group is looking to fill 60 job positions at the Walt Disney World Resort including offering up to $1,000 sign-on bonuses.

What do you think of so many open job positions? Are you ready to pack your bags and start a new job with the Palmas Restaurant Group? Which location would you be most excited to work at? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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