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No More Physical Distancing on This Ride at Disney World

No More Physical Distancing on This Ride at Disney World

It seems as if Disney is relaxing safety protocols on more attractions than not lately. See which ride at Disney World is now loading at maximum capacity.

Relaxed Distancing

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Physical distancing is one of the main ways Disney was able to responsibly reopen just a few months after the pandemic began. Combined with temperature screenings, masks, and reduced capacity, Disney has been able to successfully continue operating for the last 9 months.

However, as crowd levels increase and wait times sky rocket (compared to last summer), Disney has had to get creative with keeping Guests satisfied while keeping safety a top priority. We began seeing more attractions with plexiglass barriers in between rows so ride vehicles could fill up.

Many rides have begun loading to maximum capacity anyways despite not having these barriers. Rides like Big Thunder, Barnstormer, and Expedition Everest are all outside attractions that only last a few minutes.

Most recently, Pirates of the Caribbean and Gran Fiesta Tour began loading more rows without any type of safety precaution. Now, a ride at Animal Kingdom is doing the same.

Kali River Rapids

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Photo: Disney

Kali River Rapids is the newest ride to load completely without any type of barrier in between seats or rows. If you are unfamiliar with the ride, Kali River Rapids is a classic water ride at Animal Kingdom and is set in the lush jungles of Asia. This thrilling whitewater adventure takes you across geysers, hanging vegetation, along fast-moving rapids, and down a 20 foot slope. You will get wet!

The ride was closed for most of the winter and reopened a bit early at the end of March.

Up to 12 Guests sit in one raft, and now all 12 seats will be filled on Kali River Rapids now that it is back up and going after refurbishment.

What do you think of these relaxed standards? Will you avoid any rides that fill to maximum capacity? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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  1. I was in Disney World, back in December and had a great time, even though some of the safety practices were a little ridiculous. I’ve been vaccinated since then and I’m excited to go back.

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