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Check Out the Unexpected Glitch for Rise of the Resistance

Check Out the Unexpected Glitch for Rise of the Resistance
Credit: Disney

All Disney and Star Wars fans are well aware of the struggle to obtain a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. This morning Guests were met with an unexpected glitch.

Virtual Queue

Previously for the Boarding Groups, Guests were only able to access the Boarding Group system as soon as the Park officially opened. Once the Boarding Group slots were filled, there were no more available Boarding Groups. 

Many Disney Guests would arrive early to Hollywood Studios in an effort to be in a good location to obtain a Boarding Group. In an effort to decrease the need for large gatherings of Guests for Park opening, Guests may now join a Boarding Group outside of Hollywood Studios for the 7:00am Boarding Group time.

All Guests who have have valid Park Reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios may try for a Boarding Group at 7:00am. Many were concerned that these Boarding Groups would be filled by Guests who were not even visiting the Disney Parks. A valid Park Pass Reservation this eliminates this concern.

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Unexpected Glitch

This morning our very own Kenny the Pirate attempted to obtain a Boarding Group exactly at 7:00am. He was met with an error stating that he was unable to access a Boarding Group because he was not inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The glitch was a definite error as no Guests were located inside the Park. Disney’s Hollywood Studios was not scheduled to open until 9:00am to Guests. We heard reports that this error was quickly corrected. Many Guests were able to gain a Boarding Group soon after, but our very own Kenny the Pirate was not able to receive a Boarding Group.

Guests that were unable to get a Boarding Group at 7:00am will have another try at 1:00pm. At this time, Guests must be physically inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios to try for this Boarding Group at 1:00pm.

An unexpected glitch prevented Guests from begin able to access the Virtual Queue for Rise of the Resistance. This was quickly resolved, but some Guests were not able to receive a Boarding Group at 7:00am due to this glitch.

Were you or your family attempting to gain a Boarding Group while experiencing this glitch? If so, what Boarding Group did you receive? Do you think this glitch may occur again? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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  1. Ok Disney.. still busy in the parks… Up capacity… Let annual passholders go when they want… Get rid of reservations…. And bring back fastpass

  2. The glitch happened to me but I randomly clicked join again and got the boarding pass. Still didn’t get to ride because of the break down issues though.

  3. Should have learned that regular lines and fastpass is the way to go for rides… It is a huuuuuge disappointment for guests to have no way to get on a ride if they were unable to secure a spot in the virtual que. Disney, one would think would know how to build rides that can get people in and out in a timely manner.

    Side note… Bring back fastpass … Young kids(who the park is for) could use a break from the crazy lines.

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