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Will Walt Disney World Require a COVID Vaccine Passport?

Will Walt Disney World Require a COVID Vaccine Passport?
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As more and more individuals receive the COVID vaccine, many have questioned if a Vaccine Passport will be required for future travel. Find out if a COVID passport may be required for your future Disney trips.

Masks Even If Vaccinated

As Walt Disney World reopened their magical gates last summer, Guests were divided on wearing face masks while in the Parks. We shared our experience while wearing face masks in the summer heat HERE.

Many questioned if Guests who had been vaccinated could remove their masks while in the Parks. Disney confirmed that even as the vaccine becomes more widely distributed, vaccinated Guests and Cast Members on Walt Disney property will still need to wear a face covering. You can read more about this HERE.

Will Florida Require a Vaccine Passport?

Will a Vaccine Passport will be required to attend such large group gatherings as sporting events and concerts?

Yesterday, Florida Governor DeSantis shared Florida’s stance on this topic, “I just want to make very clear, in Florida we are not doing any vaccine passports. All those experts said that it was a bad idea. I think it’s a bad idea and so that will not happen.”

“And so folks should get vaccinated, if they want to, we’ll obviously provide that, but under no circumstances will the state be asking you to show proof of vaccination, and I don’t think private companies should be doing that either.”

You can see a full view of Governor DeSantis’ press conference HERE.

“Under no circumstances will the state (Florida) be asking you to show proof of vaccination.”

Governor DeSantis

Will This Affect Disney World?

fast passes returning disney world

Although Governor DeSantis made this proclamation for the state of Florida, how does this affect Walt Disney World? Walt Disney World is a private company, and they have held to their own self-imposed health and safety guidelines with their reopening.

In September, Governor DeSantis removed all capacity restrictions throughout the state. He went on to address Walt Disney World as he supported that he would like to see the Disney Parks to go “to a greater capacity.” 

Even with this urgency from the Governor, Walt Disney World maintains a 35% capacity in all 4 Theme Parks. As a private company, they make their own decisions regarding the health and safety inside their Theme Parks.

Walt Disney World will continue to modify their own health and safety protocols. At this time it is unknown if a Vaccine Passport may be required by the Disney Parks. At least for now it seems that travel through Florida will not require the use of a Vaccine Passport.

Do you think the Disney Parks will require a Vaccine Passport? Are you surprised that the state of Florida will not be requiring this? Could this affect your future travel plans? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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  1. Just give them time. They now require masks and vaccines for all employees. As places like New York adopt vaccine proof requirements, Disney the bastion of liberalism that it is will eventually follow suit.

  2. So glad Disney has been adhering to sound Public Health policies throughout this whole thing! If they didn’t already, they have me for life.

  3. If they require a vaccination passport. Our family of 55 will cancel our August trip. Our kids will be sad but we will not be manipulated or forced to get a vaccine that we don’t feel comfortable with getting. My body my choice… right?

  4. I won’t get a vaccine. If they are required then sadly, my Disney days will be over and will just be a faint memory for me.

  5. What about those who are allergic to vaccine? What about those who do not want to put an experimental drug into their body? People shouldn’t be forced to just to go to Disney. If they start requiring the vaccine passport I will never return.

  6. The USA is a free country, so far, and we need to keep it that way! No vaccine passports. Open the parks to normal capacity. No masks. If you don’t want go, don’t. Disney is not Disney with these restrictions. Right now, the magic is gone.

  7. Disney is a privately owned company. They have the right to set their standards concerning anything, including health issues.

    If you don’t want to adhere to their standards, don’t go to Disney properties. It is really as simple as that. The last time I checked, Disney was not paying me to come to their properties.

  8. Disney has made excellent choices on policies to open its parks. They understand the health standards necessary to continue the road back to normal. They strictly enforce the mask requirement which will be the limit, I think. Requiring vaccination will be too much. High vaccination would help people to get rid of the masks, though.But as long as those who are against vaccination comply with the mask requirement until it’s over everyone will be happy.

  9. Wouldn’t that be an infringement on our personal information? I am not sure how that could be enforced. I also feel like it would not be fair to those that are unable to get the vaccine. The vaccine is not advise for everyone.

  10. If you get the vaccine you are safe right? So no need to force others – who are healthy, younger and do not need it – to get it.

  11. As usual, Governor DeSantis is the voice of reason. A vaccination passport to travel is definitely not something that should be required of any person. If you want the vaccine and get it, that’s great. If you don’t choose to take the vaccine, that should be fine too. As Americans, we should have the right to govern our own bodies.

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