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News: Disney’s Park Pass reservation system is here to stay for now

News: Disney's Park Pass reservation system is here to stay, for now
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Today’s exciting announcement that 2022 Walt Disney World tickets and packages are now available has us ready to plan our 2022 trips! While looking ahead at these packages, we noticed that Disney Park Pass reservations are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Disney’s Park Pass Reservation System

When Disney World reopened in July 2020, one of the biggest changes was the new requirement to make a Park Pass reservation in order to visit a park.

In order to control capacity in the Parks, Disney uses the Park Pass reservation system. With this system, Disney can control attendance in the parks in order to comply with local guidelines.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek states Walt Disney World’s Theme Park capacity is currently at 35%, and they manage Park attendance through the Park Pass reservation system.

Disney has shared that Disneyland will implement the use of the Park Pass reservation system when that park reopens as well.

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When the Park Pass reservation system was first introduced, reservations were only available through September of 2021. A few months later, reservations were extended into 2022.

With the new packages released, the reservation system has been extended yet again.

How much longer will Park Passes be required when visiting Walt Disney World?

While looking at the Park Pass reservation system calendar, we noticed something interesting.

Guests will be using the Park Pass reservation system at least into January 2023!

Guests can now make their Park Pass reservations through January 14, 2023.

It looks like Disney has found this system favorable, and we can expect it is here to stay for a while. As for us, we don’t mind park passes too much. However, we are looking forward to when things at the parks look a little more like they did before the pandemic!

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  1. Sure wish Disney would give us off property APs a few more days to play with. It really makes planning a week long trip very difficult with only 3 guaranteed days!

  2. We were at Disney in early February. We make park reservations for multiple days at Hollywood Studios because we wanted to maximize our chances of doing Rise of the Resistance. When we didn’t get a pass at the 7am release, we just changed our park reservation to a different park. As long as the park you want to switch to has capacity, you can change your reservation. It is pretty easy to do in the app.

  3. Today’s article did not do a very good job at all in explaining what a “park reservation system” is. Does this mean that I cannot park hop or that I decide today that I want to go to Hollywood Studios instead of Adventureland?

  4. Park Reservation System ONLY helps Disney with park hours & work force. Takes away from the guest experience of being spontaneous. Covid will long be gone off the scene. Disney really needs to stop taking away everything that made Disney – “Disney.” Hearing that Universal is gaining market share that Disney is losing & rightfully so.

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