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Check Out the 11 Hour Virtual Queue at Disney World

Check Out the 11 Hour Virtual Queue at Disney World Resorts This Morning
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Disney Guests love stepping into the magic, but long wait times seem not so magical. Check out what virtual queue quoted Guests an 11 HOUR wait time this morning at Walt Disney World.

Gideons’ Bakehouse

Recently Disney Springs has received quite a bit of buzz around the soft opening of Gideon’s Bakehouse. Guests were overjoyed to enjoy the amazingly decadent sweets and treats that only Gideon’s can create. Check out an overview of their menu HERE.

The soft opening proved to be a great success, but as the New Year has begun Gideon’s Bakehouse remains closed. Disney Guests were waiting to learn when this delightful Bakehouse would be reopening.

Grand Opening

This week Gideon’s Bakehouse announced their Grand Opening would be this morning, January 16, 2021. In honor of this grand celebration, Gideon’s Bakehouse shared on their Instagram Page a few additional sweet treats that would be available:

It’s time! Let’s do a Grand Opening! This Saturday, January 16th, we invite you to join Gideon’s at Disney Springs for an official celebration! Why is this event not to be missed?⁣⁣
#1) Get a free commemorative Limited Edition 11×14 Art Print of our Gargoyle. Each will be signed and numbered by artist Michael Reyes @mreyes.art! They are limited to 1000 pieces and available one per transaction. NOTE: We have discovered our guardian’s secret name, and it will be written on the print. Legend has it that if you can correctly pronounce his name, you will gain his protection. I know it. Will you?⁣⁣
#2) Free 3 x 5 Inch Gideon’s Gargoyle Sticker! One per transaction with each available Gargoyle Print!⁣⁣

#3) FIVE Limited Edition Cookies for a total of 10 Flavors today. Our 6 Per Limit is raised for the first (and maybe last) time ever to 10 per person!! What Limited flavors, you ask?⁣⁣
• COFFEE CAKE COOKIE (Beyond just the morning!)⁣⁣
Check gideonsbakehouse.com/bakery-menu for descriptions. ⁣⁣

#4) FREE Peanut Butter Buttercream Dip for the first 250 Transactions because it’s fantastic, and you should have it!⁣⁣
#5) The release of our new Gargoyle T-shirt!⁣⁣
#6) Cake slices for Red Velvet, Key Lime Pie Cake, and The Peanut Butter Banana Double Frosted Chocolate Cake!⁣⁣
#7) Extended time for Hot Cookie Hour with Homemade Ice Cream!! 7 pm to 9 pm!⁣

PLUS! Pair all these goodies with Gideon’s Cold Brew because you can’t leave without trying our locally roasted, carefully blended drinks. The Original Peanut Butter Cold Brew pairs with all things Chocolate! Ginger Snap Cold Brew is pure magic with the Coffee Cake Cookie and the Gideon’s White Cold Brew pairs with everything in life! ⁣⁣

Grand celebration items included Free Peanut Butter Buttercream Dip, Free Commemorative Limited Edition Art Print, Free Gideon’s Gargoyle Sticker, and 5 Limited Edition cookies to try.

See you this Saturday! Be prepared to sign up, in person, for a Virtual Queue. Enjoy Disney Springs while you wait! ⁣⁣
👉 Finally, to shake the cobwebs off, we’re opening our doors back up TODAY! We’re not 100% just yet, so excuse a little dust as we update and repair a few more things! Thank you!

Unbelievable Wait Times

Gideon’s Bakehouse shared that Guests were invited to sign-up in person for a virtual queue. Guests could then enjoy Disney Springs until they were to return. What Guests did not expect were the wait times in this virtual queue.

As Gideon’s Bakehouse was to open today at 10:00am, Guests were already forming a line to be placed in a virtual queue. At first we heard reports that a return time was given at 5 hours. We questioned who would wait for 5 hours for a cookie?

The Virtual queue was finally closed off less than an hour after Gideon’s bakehouse opened. The final queue was given an 11 hour return time.

Later around 10:40am, the virtual queue was closed. Guests were told that their return time would be close to 11 HOURS. I enjoy a nice warm cookie just as much as the next Disney Guest, but 11 hours seems a bit extreme.

What do you think of this wait time? Would you try to enter the virtual queue for this Grand Opening? Have you enjoyed Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies before? Do you think it is truly worth the wait? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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