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Disney Announces The Arrival of a New Cinderella Pony

Disney Announces The Arrival of a New Cinderella Pony
Credit: Disney Weddings

Cute-ness alert! There is a new baby in Disney World, and he’s downright magical.

Cinderella Ponies

Credit: Disney Weddings

Did you know that Walt Disney World is home to some truly special ponies? A herd of ponies, known as “Cinderella ponies,” reside at Disney’s Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Fort Wilderness.

You may have guessed that these magical creatures are shetland ponies. And, each one is solid white, just like the mice-turned-steeds in Disney’s classic Cinderella.

Disney has its own magical herd of solid white Cinderella Ponies

Credit: Disney Weddings

Catching a glimpse of these dreamy beauties could make your heart flutter. Truly just knowing the creatures from the deepest recesses of my childhood imagination exist fills me with joy.

These gorgeous ponies have magical jobs. They draw the famous Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach during parades and Disney’s Fairytale Weddings.  It warms my heart just knowing they exist!

A New Baby

Credit: @DrMarkDisney

Now, Disney’s Dr. Mark Penning has taken to Instagram announcing that a brand new Cinderella Pony was born in Walt Disney World. A solid white shetland pony colt named Obie has arrived!

Dr. Penning says of Obie, “This little guy is a quick learner – standing and nursing within just one hour of his birth! He loves chasing his mom, Lady, around the field, running circles around her while she grazes on the green grass” (2021).

Boy is this little guy stunning! If he were any more magical, he’d be a unicorn.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

This little fellow is the son of Lady and Ferdinand, two other Cinderella Ponies. He also has a sister called Lilly, after Lilly Disney. She was the very first Cinderella Pony born in Walt Disney World.

Obie joins a herd of 28 other ponies at Fort Wilderness. He will spend his days ponying around until it is someday time to train to be a part of the team that draws the iconic coach.

More Disney Horse, Please!

If you love this little family of ponies, you might also enjoy reading about Violet. She is a little filly who was born at Tri-Circle-D just months ago.

While you won’t find her drawing a wedding carriage, you can find her on the blog. To read about this little filly, head over here. You can catch a quick update on her here.

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