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Another Disney World Restaurant is Reopening Soon!

Another Disney World Restaurant is Reopening Soon!

Guests are looking for multiple dining options now more than ever. We have great news today! Another restaurant is reopening soon! Full details below.

Phased Reopening

Several restaurants did not reopen when Disney World opened its gates back up to Guests. With limited operations and fewer guests, it just did not make sense for every single dining option to be available.

However, as crowds slowly build each week, Disney reopens new restaurants frequently. Most recently, Crystal Palace reopened! You can check out the new menu HERE. Chef Mickey’s is reopening today (December 16), and Tomorrowland Terrace reopens tomorrow (with a new menu as well).

We look forward to more restaurants reopening so Guests have more options!

Restaurant Reopening

According to the Disney World website, El Mercado de Coronado shows operating hours beginning December 18! That’s two days away! If you are unfamiliar with this restaurant, El Mercado de Coronado is a food court located at Coronado Springs Resort.

The breakfast menu features all grab-n-go items like breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and Minnie waffles! The dinner menu boasts subs, pizza, chicken tenders, sandwiches, and salads. There is no lunch menu listed on the website, but that doesn’t necessarily mean lunch won’t be served. The hours are listed as 7 am to 10 pm.

Meal pricing is listed at $15 to $35 for both breakfast and dinner.

Coronado Springs

Coronado Springs recently reopened back in October with limited amenities and restaurants. You can read all the changes HERE.

If you’ve never stayed at Coronado Springs, it’s described as a unique blend of Spanish, Mexican, and Southwest American cultures. Disney recently added the Gran Destino Tower, making it the only moderate resort with club-level service. You can read Rebecca’s review of the tower rooms HERE.

Do note that club-level service is not currently available, but we do hope it is available sooner rather than later!

Do you love to stay at Coronado Springs? Are you excited about El Mercado de Coronado reopening? Let us know on Facebook!

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