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Guest Charged with Impersonating a DEA Agent and Carrying a Weapon on Disney Property

Guest Charged with Impersonating a DEA Agent and Carrying a Weapon on Disney Property
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A man was arrested and charged with impersonating a DEA agent and carrying a weapon on Disney property. Full story below.

Disney Springs Incident

A man was recently arrested and charged with impersonating a DEA agent. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says the Guest was stopped by security at Disney Springs about possibly having a gun.

According to Fox35 Orlando and the sheriff’s report, the man told security he was recently hired by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a special agent by the Atlanta, Georgia division.

The man pulled out a badge when asked for one. Upon further investigation, badges similar to the one the man pulled out can be found on Amazon. Additionally, the deputy asked for the man’s supervisor’s phone number. However, he could not produce a number.

The deputy then found a concealed and loaded Glock 19 replica BB gun inside his waistband. Deputies seized the badge and BB gun, and the 18-year-old was arrested.

He’s charged with impersonating an officer, unlawful display of a badge and carrying a concealed weapon.

Past Incidents

This is not the first time Guests have been caught with weapons on Disney World property.

Most recently, a Guest brought a weapon near a Magic Kingdom security checkpoint. According to reports, she ditched the gun behind a planter and then blamed her 6-year old child who was supposed to hold on to it for her.

Also in October, security found a bag full of guns belonging to a man staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. He stated he brought the weapons for social unrest.

His weapons were taken to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and locked away until the man’s departure.

Finally, shortly after the reopening of Disney World, a Guest was caught with weapons and drugs at EPCOT. The Guest was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis, according to her arrest report.

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