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California Governor will Announce NEW Reopening Guidelines for Disneyland SOON!

California Governor will Announce NEW Reopening Guidelines for Disneyland SOON!

The governor of California will announce the new reopening guidelines for Disneyland and other theme parks very soon! Are you hopeful Disneyland will reopen in the near future?

Disneyland Reopening Setbacks

disneyland re-opening guidelines newsom

Disneyland closed back in March along with Disney World. Hopeful to reopen just a couple weeks later, the reopening was eventually delayed indefinitely.

In July, Downtown Disney reopened. Disneyland itself was supposed to reopen on the 65th anniversary of the park, July 17. However, that did not happen.

Since then, The Walt Disney Company has been pleading with the state of California to allow theme parks to reopen. Governor Gavin Newsom has been unable to meet those requests.

Then, in August, we shared that California was in the process of reviewing the reopening of Disneyland. On August 11, CA Health and Human Services spokesperson, Kate Folmar, shared,

“Theme parks are not permitted to open in California at this time, under current public health orders. We will continue to review health data to determine when and how theme parks may consider reopening at lower risk to staff and visitors.”

Recent Development

We have moved in a more positive direction in the last few weeks. In late August, Newsom shared the following in a roundtable conference:

“We are trying to accommodate for some of the other amusement activities in this state. You will be getting that as soon as we work through that…we are actively looking at where we land on that.”

disneyland re-opening guidelines newsom

Disney continued to push for a reopening plan. In their own conference, Disney specifically called on the state of California and Governor Newsom to reopen.

That brings us to the most recent news that reopening guidelines for theme parks in California would be announced this week!

Theme park reopening guidelines will be issued by the California Department of Public Health, according to California Health and Human Services spokesperson Rodger Butler.

Rumored Guidelines

While we won’t know the guidelines Disneyland must operate under, we have learned that some possible requirements may be established:

  • advance ticket sales required (no same day tickets)
  • 25% theme park capacity
  • masks covering mouth and nose for Cast Members and guests
  • theme park admission limited to guests residing within a specified distance from theme parks

We will update you with all the latest news regarding Newsom’s guidelines and the reopening of Disneyland. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!


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