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DVC Confirmed Location Closed During Initial Reopening

DVC Confirmed Location Closed During Initial Reopening

We are just as excited and confused with all of the Disney news that we have been receiving just as much as you are. As soon as we learn of news regarding the initial reopening of Walt Disney World parks and resorts we share this information with you. Last week we received confirmation of a DVC rental, only to learn today that these guests will be transferred to a different resort. Let’s dive into “Unkown” together with the latest Walt Disney World update.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Last week we shared that Disney’s Vacation Club confirmed that the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House would be available for the phased reopening of Walt Disney World.

Also, last week guests were able to make reservations for the Jambo House. To read more about the Jambo House and to see a full list of available resorts for the phased reopening, click HERE.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

DVC confirmed that although Jambo House was set for the phased reopening, it will now remain closed. From the below statement, it sounds as if this closure is due to low guest reservations for this location.

This was their statement:

“As Disney Vacation Club Resorts at Walt Disney World prepare to reopen on June 22, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas-Jambo House will not be open during this initial period.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Kidani Village will initially welcome home Members and Guests. Member Services will contact Members with confirmed reservations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Jambo House to transfer their existing reservations to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Kidani Village.

Over time, as the volume of reservations increase, inventory will be expanded to include Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Jambo House. Upon the reopening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Jambo House, some amenities such as restaurants and merchandise locations will likely remain closed until the rest of the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge opens.

However, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas- Kidani Village, merchandise locations and restaurants will be available.”

This news may come as a bit of a disappointment for those with reservations at the Jambo House, but we hope you will have a magical stay at the Kidani Village. Other resorts have announced closures and changes to amenities, what to expect with your next Disney Resort visit, and a change of amenities at the Beach Club Resort.

What do you think of the changing news regarding Resorts, new procedures, and limited resort amenities? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook Page.


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