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Disney Confirms Annual Passholder Special Preview Days, Will Limit How Many Days APs Can Reserve

Disney Confirms Annual Passholder Special Preview Days, Will Limit How Many Days APs Can Reserve

More information for Disney Annual Passholders is coming to light with a recent update from Disney World. Find out how Guests with Annual Passes will be affected when the parks reopen along with special preview days.

When the parks first closed, many Annual Passholders (APs) wondered what would happen to their passes.

We know that Disney will extend the passes by the number of days the parks are closed. With two parks reopening on July 11 and two reopening on July 15, this adds approximately 4 months to the length of Annual Passes.

Annual Passholder special offerings for Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Guests who wish not to have their passes extended can opt for a partial refund.

With all the announcements rolling in over the last few days, information about how to reserve park days is still unclear. Specifically, who will be able to reserve and in which order still has not been clearly revealed.

Today, Disney World posted information for Passholders regarding capacity limits and soft preview days.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass design 2015

Please note that:

During the limited capacity period, it may be difficult for Annual Passholders to get park reservations to visit on certain dates. To help manage capacity, total reservation days held at one time will be limited. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Some pass benefits and features will not be available during periods of limited capacity. Also, park experiences and offerings will be modified and subject to limited availability or even closure.

Annual passes are subject to blockout dates. Guests should ensure their pass type is valid for park entry prior to making a park reservation.

As we prepare for the reopening of the parks, we’re planning a special preview opportunity for Annual Passholders. We look forward to sharing details with you soon.

This means Annual Passholders will be limited in how many days they can reserve at one time. It may be 7 days, 10 days, or something else.

Also, so far there is no additional information about when the special preview days will take place, but if I had to guess it will be in the days leading up to July 11 when the parks are open to the general public. This is currently what Universal Studios has planned, and reservations just opened up today for those previews.

Are you an Annual Passholder? How do you feel about limits being placed on reservations? Will you attend a preview day? Let us know on Facebook!


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  1. Thank you Monica & The Kenny the Pirate Team for the updates! I hope WDW Execs read the comments. We are AP’s who look forward to and plan for the EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival. We saved & paid for AP’s again so we could see Rick Springfield at the Garden Rocks Concert Series (our paid tickets cancelled).
    Rick Springfield, The first live concert I attended! I still remember the magic, treasure my original vinyl albums and thrilled for his new music. Hope I can catch Rick Springfield at another location.
    Our home distance and 4 month extension will not allow us to see the Flower & Garden again. As my youngest of 3 kids enters High School, I am not sure we will continue to pay thousands of dollar$ to be AP. I want to see Disney & Rick Springfield… They are leaning toward seeing the world… The Magic of Disney is Timeless!

  2. Retired Walt Disney World cast members meed some days also. We gave many years of our life to make Disney World happen.

  3. Annual pass holders should have dates for AP
    ONLY . If we have been loyal AP HOLDERS give us some days for only us .

  4. Very disappointed; My wife and I have been AP holders for over 15 years. We are both over 70 and in the “high risk” category for COV 19, so we have been severely limiting our exposure in public environments. It would be nice if Disney made some consideration for this. The option of temporarily suspending the pass until this pandemic situation is completely resolved would be a good move on their part.

  5. I am just as disappointed/hurt as everyone else. I too would like to have my passes (family of 8) time restart upon my next visit. Why should we be limited. Get it together Disney.

  6. I am very disappointed in this information. Passholders should have their date extended until the park is open at full capacity. There is no way to know if I will ever be able to even get in now. We have already canceled 3 trips and will be getting no where near the amount of use that we had anticipated. Disney should really rethink this move.

  7. Annual pass expiration clock should not be reactivated until first visit after reopening in my opinion. Limited capacity and experience as well as medical risk levels in individuals have a huge impact on value of passes. I too live out of state and visits take coordination and planning, the value of passes in large part is based on how many trips you can plan.

  8. I think Disney needs to research what the term annual means. By definition, I should be able to use my pass any day of the year, for a full year. Limiting that would make it not an annual pass. Someone needs to do some serious refunding.

  9. Safety of Cast Members and Guests is vital, and we can be flexible as everyone gets organized and learns about the new normal. However, if the parks are not open to passholders, then the extension time should include the days that the park is not accessible to an individual passholder.

  10. I am an AP holder, and live on the west side of the country, so we can’t simply pop into WDW whenever I want to. We generally take a one- or two-week trip at a time. We have a trip coming up in September, but we can’t go any sooner than that and our APs expire right after. I am hoping that they might make an exception since there is no way we could make park reservations for any day prior to September.

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