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Cast Member Schedule Delayed for April 1 Reopening

Cast Member Schedule Delayed for April 1 Reopening

Cast Member schedules have been delayed for the reopening of Disney parks on April 1. But, what does this mean for the temporary closure of Disney?

As many parts of the country are social distancing (and hoping our efforts will be effective in slowing the spread of coronavirus), many of us are also keeping a close eye on Disney’s decision to reopen on April 1.

As of today, March 22, Disney is set to reopen on Wednesday, April 1. This is the same date that was given when Disney officially announced the temporary closure. Guests who plan to visit in April and even into May are waiting for news of an extended delay in reopening or if they will, in fact, open on April 1.

Cast Member Schedules

Cast Member schedules are given out one week prior. So for the week of March 29 (which includes the April 1 reopening), those schedules should have been given out today.

However, Cast Members were informed that their schedules would be delayed until March 24, which is this Tuesday. Tuesday is exactly one week before March 31 – the last day of the scheduled temporary closure.

This indicates that if Disney does decide to remain closed longer than March 31, they will make that decision by March 24. Whether or not they announce that decision right away is unclear, though.

Relaxed "Disney Look" Requirements for Cast Members

I am sure Cast Members are anxious to get back to work, as we are all anxious to get back to our normal daily lives. I must stress the fact that this delay in Cast Member schedules does not indicate an extended closure.

It may just indicate to us that Disney is waiting a little longer to make a decision.

Do you have plans to visit Disney parks in early April? Do you think Disney will make a decision this week to reopen at a later date? Share your opinions with us on facebook. Also be sure to join our KtP Planning Crew.


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Tuesday 24th of March 2020

There are restriction on how long a school year can go. In Massachusetts our make up days cannot go past June 30th.


Monday 23rd of March 2020

Not coming down on you ….. just cannot understand with the current state of affairs statewide/worldwide how there can be a thought of re-opening the parks April 1 ??? And no, you did not originate the comment but the folks with the key to the gates did & it appears to still be the latest decision while world officials are imploring/threatening citizens to remain indoors/6' from others/eliminate gatherings.


Monday 23rd of March 2020

This is actually re-opening ...…. the parks have already been closed up tight by state mandate. As is happening everywhere, all non-essential places have been locked down. Seems premature to be thinking of re-opening when more & more places are still closing, people are dying, and the authorities are having to threaten marshal law/fines/impounding vehicles because there are still crowds gathering to socialize when asked not to for everyone's safety. There is now also mention of a potential second wave of the virus striking with much more impact. Not really the time to talk "opening amusement parks" !


Monday 23rd of March 2020

We just report the news Toni. We didn't say the parks were re-opening. Be sure to read the details before moving into total hysteria mode.

Rachel Taylor

Sunday 22nd of March 2020

We are supposed to go that week too. I’m torn over what to do as well. We may postpone to June or even December.


Sunday 22nd of March 2020

Yes!! Don't need to shout. Kenny's just passing on the news, keeping us hopefuls informed.

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