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New “Club runDisney” Offered to Enhance Runner Experience

the new Club runDisney logo is visible on the jacket pictured here credit: Disney

Good news for all you runners: runDisney will be offering membership in a new club. The runDisney club will have three tiers of membership all with different perks.

All levels of membership include an exclusive virtual 10k race, a member welcome swag package, and a club member designation on race bibs.

runDisney logo

They also include something called “tier one” pricing on all available races. This implies that we will see different pricing structures for upcoming races. The basic silver membership is priced at $265.43.

Gold memberships will come with all of the above benefits and will include guaranteed race admission in a half marathon or longer distance for each race weekend during the early registration period. For $478.63, you will not have to worry about a longer race selling out (looking at you Princess Half Marathon), but you will still have to pay the admission price to all races you sign up for.

Mickey and Minnie at the Princess half from the runDisney site

Finally, there is also a Platinum membership, which extends the gold perk to include one race of ANY distance for each race weekend. Platinum membership also comes with some great perks such as simplified packet pick up, early access to race merchandise, upgraded corral placement, and a character greeting!

Platinum membership will cost you $798.43 and does not include the fee for any races you sign up for. The Platinum membership includes all of the silver perks as well.

I feel that is a pretty steep price to pay upfront without including any onsite races. But if you plan to run more than one runDisney event in a year, you may see these clubs as worth the price. I’ll need to see more of the merchandise that comes with the Club runDisney membership in order to truly assess the value.

I’m also not a big fan of the virtual races, as the main reason I signed up for races is for the experience onsite and seeing rare characters out on the course. But at least you won’t have to get up at 4 a.m. just to get some bling!

My collection of bling from previous years runDisney events. I walk them, but I’ve suspended signing up for them for now with my physical limitations.

What do you think? Do these clubs have any appeal for you? Let us know in the comments! You can also share with your fellow runDisney friends using any of the social media buttons below!

Rebecca W Davis


  1. This is pure Disney greed. First they are the most expensive race to run; now they have this club which is not cheap which offers little benefit, and only a select few can join. Not to mention paying for better corral placement is just plan hazardous to other runners. Disney got this wrong for sure! They want to start a club that great. How about earning points for all the races you have paid for and pay a nominal admin fee each year. The benefits offered are just not worth the price.

  2. This is new club is horrible! I have done many races and have paid lots of money to do these races but I do not see where charging this much money is justifiable! I hope passholders will still be able to sign up for races a week before general public! This new system is pure Disney greed!

    • I’m inclined to agree with you. The last race I did I did for Give Kids the World village and I raised some money for them. We had a nice tent with donuts and coffee they provided before the race. That year it was literally freezing and the tent was SO welcome. I’d much rather support a worthy charity like that then shell out $$$ for mediocre perks from Disney.

What do you think?

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