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Disney Guests Experience Down Time and Evacuations on Skyliner

Disney Transportation Suspended Beginning This Week

The Skyliner can’t catch a break, especially during one of the busiest weeks of the year at Disney World.

Several of the Disney Skyliner routes have been plagued with prolonged downtime today, December 29, including the Caribbean, Riviera, and Epcot lines.

One of the KtP writers, Susan, has a relative visiting Disney World this week. She said at about 12:30 p.m. today the system on the Caribbean line was down. Susan said her relative reported someone working on top of a gondola cabin. Cast Members were letting guests know extra busses were coming to accommodate the malfunctioning Skyliner.

The route to and from Epcot’s International Gateway has also been down for much of the day with no reason given.

Disney's Skyliner Gondola map

Guests have also been reporting on Twitter and Facebook this evening that the route to and from Riviera Resort has been experiencing issues. People on that particular route were stuck for several minutes and then evacuated off by Cast Members.

It is unclear if there are any guests that are not able to get safely out.

Recently, guest service phone boxes were installed in the cabins that allowed guests to call in if downtime on the Skyliner caused them to miss reservations. It is not to be used for emergency situations.

This is in addition to the emergency phone line and emergency kits in each cabin.

Skyliner Reopens for Guests (but will have modified hours this week)

The Skyliner system debuted in late September 2019 but not without a rough start.

Back in October, roughly one week after opening, we reported that an accident on the Skyliner route caused a multiple-cabin collision. Guests were left in the cabins for 3+ hours, finally being rescued by local firefighters.

It led to an extensive investigation by Disney. They reopened over a week later with modified hours.

The Skyliner still sees unexpected downtime from time to time, which is unfortunate because it’s supposed to be an efficient mode of transportation around Disney property.

Have you gotten to ride on the Disney Skyliner yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting on this post or sharing on Kenny the Pirate’s facebook group!

-Monica S.


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  1. We stayed at AOA so used Skyliner from December 13th – 16th quite a bit without any problems. It stopped a few times but never more than a minute or two at the most. A great way to travel!

  2. We rode daily in November (12-17) and only experienced one extended 20-25 minute pause while in air on our very first night. Later that week we were on the monorail from Tickets to the MK and had a 45 minute pause on the track, jammed in close with our newest, closest friends. Stuff happens.

  3. I was on the Skyliner traveling from EPCOT to DHS 12/5. No problems during my time on it…except seeing the following skyliner come in behind us really fast and scaring the heck out of me XD. I love the system and just wish it didn’t suffer so many malfunctions already.

  4. Similar travel experience to Leighann.
    After multiple years of past trips using bus transportation, we called it a complete game-changer! Lines move continually…the longest line from Hollywood AT PARK CLOSING only took 10 minutes!

  5. We rode during our November trip and enjoyed it, when it was working properly. We did get stuck for about 10 minutes on the way to Epcot, and we rode the bus back that night. I just didn’t want to be stuck on it in the dark. Also, on the way back from Hollywood, in the wheelchair line, we waited over a half hour to get on, to go back to our resort. I’m honestly not sure if I would ride it again, or not.

  6. WE were stuck in the Skyliner tonight for about 25 minutes. It was not ideal. The announcements they make tell you nothing. Yesterday, we were diverted at Riviera and not allowed to board the Epcot line as they were having issues. So many people are riding this week, but I would not expect this level of “glitchiness” at this point…

  7. I was so excited for the skyliner until we found out it doesn’t allow double strollers on unless folded up. That doesn’t work for us because we have triplets and stuff in the stroller. So to unload it and corral the kids to ride is just doesn’t work. What is worse is we actually got on the gondola in the wheelchair line and our stroller fits perfectly but they fight and argue that the policy is to fold all double strollers. It is fine but just doesn’t work for us at this point. If they keep having problems, maybe it is good we don’t use it.

  8. 11am today and the line from Riviera to Epcot was down, then leaving Epcot around 8:30 it was down again. We’ve been here 3 days and have only been able to use it 2 out of 6 times we’ve tried it. Very disappointing and aggravating when one of the main pros to the Riviera was the Skyliner. Unreliable at BEST.

  9. Rode the skyline multiple times during our trip 12/15-12/19. We had no problem and found it very enjoyable. Quick and simple way to get to Epcot and Hollywood Studios from Art of Animation. Sorry to hear about the problems

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