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Skyliner Accident Shuts Down System

Skyliner Reopens for Guests (but will have modified hours this week)

It’s been six days since Disney Skyliner opened for guest use, and it’s already experienced its first crash. The system has been shut down for an hour and still going.

Update 2:  By 12:30am all guests were evacuated.  Some injuries were reported and being treated but no update on severity.  The blue gondola was stuck in the Riveria station and the other cars literally crushed up against it.  It buckled the doors and broke the plexiglass on some of the cars in the station.  Some guests were in the gondolas at the time.

Update:  After 3 hours some of the Skyliner cars began moving slowly while others were being evacuated by the Reedy Creek Fire Department.

At approximately 8:00 PM, it appears as if a crash involving the gondolas took place at the Riveria Resort.  There are not a lot of details released, and it’s not certain if there were any guests on the gondolas involved with the crash. However, the accident did cause a shut-down of the entire system, leaving guests stranded for over an hour and still going.

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Instagram user goodedisneydays posted a photo with a caption stating that they have been stuck for over an hour up in the sky. Rescue crews were on the scene putting on harnesses in preparation.

As of 10:00 pm, the gondolas involved were separated; however, guests have yet to be evacuated.  They are reportedly being told to open the emergency kits.

We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


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  1. One of the reason Kings Island took theirs down. Also, On a windy day, cars would jump the track and require the FD to get riders down. Didn’t Disney do their homework?

  2. I am sorry to hear this but I expected it. My dad was a mechanic at Riverview Park in Chicago when they put in the sky ride. Not quite the same thing, I concede, but they were nothing but trouble. It never made back the money they spent on it and it was on a much smaller scale.

    • Riverview sky ride was built in 1963. Your right, not the same thing….. at all. They also spent $300,000.00 a bad investment in 1963.

  3. It broke down several times yesterday. We rode over to EPCOT from HS. When we were ready to return we were told the HS line was experiencing difficulties and had shut down. We rode the Friendship boats back to HS and the gondolas were running by the time we got there. Overall, I love the Skyliner. A very calm, relaxing ride…unless there’s a crash and you’re stuck.

  4. As I commented on this a few weeks ago, I hate to say it but I WAS RIGHT! Stupidest idea Disney has had in a long time! You would think they would remember that they took the gondola ride out of the MK for a reason! Although I must say, I thought it would take more than 6 days for it to break down!

    • I’m in one of the stuck gondolas. It’s 80 degrees and we actually have a good breeze going through the vents still, so temperature-wise we’re doing okay. Just trying to keep everyone calm while we wait for next steps.

      • I hope you get out soon and safely! Thank you for letting us know you are doing ok! What part of the line are you on?

      • We got off right at 11pm, nearly 3 hours after we boarded at Caribbean Beach. My gondola was nearly to the Epcot station, over the Friendship Boat canal. We were able to see the Epcot Forever show from where we were stuck. One of my friends had a panic attack while we were stuck. We were told when we got off that there were several people who had panic attacks. At 11, they got the gondolas moving again and we exited in the Epcot station. Once we got off, Disney gave us vouchers and a free one-day hopper ticket each. We had driven in for the day from about 2 hours away, so Disney also gave us a hotel room for the night.

        We had been surprised at how fast we went into the Riviera station when we passed through there prior to the shutdown. It felt like we slowed really abruptly when we came into that station and we swung forward towards the car in front of us a bit, although they didn’t touch.

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