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Fuel Rod Wars – The Adventure Continues

Fuel Rod Wars - The Adventure Continues

It was previously reported that Disney was going to end free FuelRod swaps and charge customers $3 each for each swap beginning today, November 1st. Another change has us thinking they swap decisions more than we swap chargers.

Don’t give up on those FuelRods just yet because it does not seem that Disney will be charging fees after all!

After some very negative feedback from guests and the recent lawsuit, it seems that Disney is holding off on charging customers fees to swap their FuelRods.

Many swap stations do not show the $3/swap stickers anymore (mostly in the parks), while some swap stations still show the sticker, like at Coronado Resort:

Photo taken by Rebecca, KtP writer, on Oct 31 at Coronado Resort

Taking the stickers off in the parks where more people swap was probably more important than taking the ones off at the resorts.

Don’t forget to check Kenny the Pirate and Character Locator first for your park plans and rest easy knowing that if your phone needs a charge, you will not have to pay any fees.

Will you continue to take advantage of using FuelRods in the parks?

Maggie Baltz


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  1. We’re not going to Disney until January 2021 so we have a ways to go to get too worried, but I’ve been following this story closely. Fuel Rods aren’t the best chargers out there; however, the convenience made them worth it. We could exchange at the airport and at the parks as needed. I’m sure we’ll still have to pay at the airport but it’s the parks I worry most about. They’re small and compact and not as heavy as some of the other chargers out there. I would continue to use the FuelRods if they keep the free swap. Otherwise, I’m going to invest in a new, better charger.

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