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9 Reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator

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9 Reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator.

Many people wonder if Character Locator is a good purchase for their Disney World vacation.  Yes, it is the best investment for your vacation.  If you are going to spend months planning a perfect vacation, but don’t have all the tools in a single place, you’ll spend dozens of hours searching and still likely won’t find all this great info.  Here’s 9 reasons you should subscribe to Character Locator #characterlocator. 

NOTE:  Character Locator now includes both Disney World AND Disneyland information!!!

  1.  It’s FAR more than just characters
    When we first came up with the idea of Character Locator, it was just a mobile friendly Character schedule application.  We’ve expanded it numerous times to build the absolute best Disney World planning application on the internet.  You’re not going to find this much information packed into any other application or mobile website.
  2. Full Mobile Crowd Calendar
    We know having things like park hours with recommendations, weather, parades and shows is important to help you plan, so we not only offer the regular, printable version, but also this awesome mobile version.
  3. Full Character and Show Schedules
    You’d expect Character Schedules, right?  Well, we do our very best to provide you with up to date Character Schedules, locations and maps along with full show schedules.  It shows you how long a show or character set lasts and even provides great tips.  We even offer full schedules for Halloween and Christmas parties.  One of the great parts is the awesome character interaction tips built right in!
  4. Most detailed ride information
    No other products on the market provide as much information on each ride in a single place as Character Locator.
    How long does it last?   What are weight and size concerns?  Is it ADA compliant?  Does it offer Fastpass+ or Child Swap?  We even include videos so you can decide.  You won’t find an application with this much detail.
  5. Fully customizable PARK HOPPING touring plans
    We invested many hundred hours into creating the ONLY application that allows you to include Characters, Shows, Rides and Dining into your touring plan and even built dozens of plans that actually work.  Each plan has been tested when the park is busy and they work, if you follow them.  You can change up my plans or your can build your own plan from scratch.  You can easily add your Fastpass+ or Dining reservation times, so you won’t lose that important info.
  6. Fun Disney trivia
    You’ll rarely stand in long lines by using Character Locator, but we created this fun trivia game to allow you or your child a little fun challenge while you wait a few minutes for a character to arrive.
  7. It costs less than a cheeseburger meal
    When you visit Disney World, you’ll spend thousands of dollars on a prime vacation experience.  You’ll only spend a few dollars on the best tool that can be offered.
  8. It works on ANY device
    One question we often receive is why aren’t we in “stores” for Apple and Android.  Here’s a couple of reasons:  1) It saves you money.  2) It allows us time to create new features, rather than constantly updating the apk file and resubmitting it to the store.  We can live test anything we are doing for any phone and know it works when we release new features.
  9. It loads super fast
    We designed Character Locator to be mobile friendly, but is usable on any device, so it loads really fast.  We invest in the best possible hosting services so we rarely experience any downtime with our dedicated server as well.

KennythePirate's Character Locator

You can also easily create a home screen icon for your mobile device to make it function exactly like a downloaded “app.”

We’re still inventing to make this even better!  Be sure to share, so all your friends will have this great, inexpensive tool as well.  Play more.  Wait less.

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9 reasons you should Get KennythePirate's Character Locator


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