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Breaking: Disney Fuel Rod Locations to End Free Swaps

Fuel Rod Wars - The Adventure Continues

Now that a trip to the parks requires quite a bit of time spent on one’s phone, many of us carry portable chargers. Fuel Rod offered a small charger with short charging cords that once purchased could be swapped out at any location for no cost. But, the free swaps were apparently too good to be true as Disney and other locations will now charge customers for each swap.

When I first heard of fuel rod, I thought it was such a wonderful idea! It takes the hassle of having to think about recharging your charger each night. Paying $30 up front for unlimited swaps seemed like a great deal! But the charger itself is just OK. Certainly much lower quality than you’d expect if you paid $30 on Amazon for a portable charger. I have one, and I find it gets overheated, which makes me feel a little uneasy. But I still carry it in my backpack for the convenience.

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Now I’ll most likely leave it at home because Disney locations will be charging $3 per swap. When Fuel Rod began this charge at Universal locations earlier this year, we knew Disney locations wouldn’t be far behind. This really devalues the Fuel Rod, which as stated above isn’t a $30 quality charger. I doubt I will continue to use it as I prefer better quality chargers and considered it only an emergency back up.  Free Unlimited swaps will end on November 1, 2019.

What about you? Do you use Fuel Rod? Will you continue to use Fuelrods?

-Rebecca W Davis



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  1. We have one-but only brought it for the free swap. We will never use it again at the parks. Glad we had ours for a couple of years and got our money’s worth. Seems like the end of this company-why would you purchase this when there are far superior options available.

  2. I have an even bigger problem. I DON’T OWN A CELL PHONE! That’s right… I’m that last hold out. So if Disney gets rid of the paper fast pass locations that leave me out completely.

  3. So Disney wants us to use their mobile app while in the park and are getting rid of paper fast passes forcing us even further to use the app. And now they want to charge just to charge your phone? That’s ridiculous, Disney should fully pick up the bill on that one! Not cool ☝

  4. WHY? Why is Disney always trying to ruin a good thing by acting like Uncle McScrooge?!? Don’t they realize that this will just piss lots of people off…

  5. The problem is that when you buy the fuel rod it charges you $30 for something that is 5-$10 anywhere, but you read the benefits of “unlimited recharges” and makes up for it. I wonder if they can just change the contract of purchase to the people that bought it for the unlimited or would they give seniority or if they even will give you an opportunity to get your money back and return the product, because for some people it might become obsolete if they are not paying for it.

  6. Just got ours late August. Wish we hadn’t. Doesn’t even charge one phone before dying. Only one place to swap at AK. First location at HS was broken and wouldn’t swap. Gets VERY hot when using. Only selling point was the free swaps. Won’t be paying for a swap. We have other chargers but found ourselves without one of them one day so my husband thought this would be a good idea. Wish we could get our $30 back.

  7. My friend has one and wanted me to get one too. Yes, it’s small, but you have to swap. For $20-30 I bought a large charger from Amazon, and charged once, lasts 5-6 days to recharge my phone in park, and super ffast.I keep it in the bottle pocket of my backpack and use a longer cord to charge while using phone. Then when not using phone, I slide it into bottle pocket next to charger. Perfect access

  8. The good thing is you can recharge the fuel rods. We like it for the size and how easy it is it to fit in your pocket even while charging. We will continue to use it, but will not swap it any longer, we will just bring it home and recharge it up and it will be ready for use the next day. Just a tip, might need to carry an extra charger in order to charge cell phone at night and the fuel rod at the same time.

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