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Only McDonald’s at Disney World Closing for Refurbishment

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There is only one McDonald’s on Disney World property, and it is soon closing for refurbishment.

If, for whatever reason, you eat at McDonald’s while on vacation to Disney you need to know it will be closing on October 30 while they update the restaurant. There is no word on when it will reopen other than sometime in 2020.

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The only McDonald’s you can eat at on-site is located on Buena Vista Drive near the All-Star Resorts. It’s a short couple-minute drive if you have a vehicle and are staying at All-Star Sports, Music, or Movies. If you are staying elsewhere on property it may take up to 15 minutes. I would not advise walking there from the All-Star Resorts because of the traffic on that road.

This refurbishment news makes me wonder: Do you eat McDonald’s while at Disney? 

-Monica S.


  1. We went a couple of times on our last trip to get our ‘McDonalds fix’… By the way, there is no problem walking there from the All-Star Resorts because there is an enclosed sidewalk. Lots of Cast Members also patronize this McDonalds. The prices are higher than at off property McDonalds but when you do not have a car…

  2. We have grabbed a quick breakfast there before, especially when staying at All Stars. We don’t go every time at Disney but it is nice to have that as something quick for breakfast or a snack.

  3. My friends and I have eaten here just as a “quick bite” immediately following landing at MCO & before we get into a park mid-day. I agree…it’s McD’s..nothing special at all, but they “used to” have TVs that played Silly Symphonies (I saw “Little Hiawatha” there) and thought that was a clever touch.

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