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Do Magic Bands Contain BPA ?

Do Magic Bands Contain BPA ?

Those who are wary of the composition of the plastics they expose their children to may want to read all the information that accompanies them.  Do Disney’s Magic Bands contain BPA?

When I went to select a Magic Band for my 5 year old the other day, I noticed something I had not noticed before: the premium Magic Bands upgrades now come with a warning label stating that they could expose the wearer to BPA.

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Here is a screenshot from the Walt Disney World website of the warning in the description of a Magic Band.  As you can see, it warns that the product may expose the wearer to Bisphenol A or BPA.

BPA in Magic Bands
Screenshot from www.waltdisneyworld.com

I personally appreciate Disney’s transparency on the matter, especially since there is a chance parents of tiny children who still mouth things may order a magic band. After all, some little ones might enjoy sporting a band like the rest of the travel party.  In my experience, many companies will simply state that the composition of their product is “proprietary” and will not reveal what may be in items they manufacture, and I respect Disney’s decision to be upfront.

Currently, the Disney World website only posts the warning on its premium Magic Bands and not the solid colored ones. However, shopDisney.com has the warnings on all of the bands, including the solid colored options.  ShopDisney.com also has MagicBands labeled with the small parts/choking hazard warning.

Small Parts Warning
Screenshot from www.ShopDisney.com

I have written to Disney for clarification on the composition of the solid bands since there is a discrepancy between the Disney parks site and the shopDisney site.

I am glad that Disney is transparent about the composition of their products so that parents of young children can make informed decisions about whether they would like their children to handle or interact with a particular product.  Disney’s product pages also direct consumers to this site so that they can do their own research and draw their own conclusions.

Please, note, I am not writing to condemn nor condone anyone’s choice surrounding whether their children wear Magic Bands. Parents and guardians need to research for themselves and make their own decisions.

-Katie P.


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  1. I think BPA is mainly harmful if the product is heated up, like in a microwave, to very high temps which allows it to break down over time and get into the food. So it should be fine even if it’s gummed by a little one. https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/expert-answers/bpa/faq-20058331

    The other side of this is when companies deliberately remove BPA, a hardening agent, they have to replace it with something… and that something may not be any safer. Still nice to give a heads up, but I take this warning with a grain of salt.

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