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Breaking News: Entertainment Cuts Coming to Epcot


Recently we told you about entertainment cuts coming to both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  Now it looks like the cuts are affecting Epcot’s entertainment as well.

The entertainment cuts will affect entertainment in Epcot for three shows beginning the week of September 29, 2019.

The first cut reduces your opportunities to see the JAMMitors in Future World to only five days per week.  The Tuesday and  Wednesday performances will be cut after September 29.  The JAMMitors perform high-energy rhythmic fun using trash cans, brooms, and tin cans as their instruments.  Each show is approximately 10 minutes long.

The second change is the elimination of some of the performances of  the  show known as Matsuriza occurring in the Japan pavilion.  This ancient form of Japanese drumming will also have its performances cut to only Thursday through Monday.  Each of these approximately 15 minute long demonstrations showcase musical arrangements on giant drums.  Traditionally these Taiko drums have been used in religious ceremonies, festivals, and on the battlefield.


The third change is the elimination of “The Story of Coco,” which will end on September 28 and has been in the Mexico pavilion since March.

I know my family loves these shorter length shows as we explore and eat our way through Epcot.  We are always in awe of the amazing talent Disney showcases.  We don’t usually plan on these shows but they are enjoyed when we happen to be at the right place at the right time for them.  We will definitely miss the opportunity to see these performances, but it does leave me wondering what new additions may be on the horizon.

You can read about other recent cuts to entertainment here Another entertainment cut coming to Disney World.

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What do you think of these cuts? Do you plan to enjoy these shows or leave it chance when in Epcot?  Tell me your thoughts below or on Facebook.


  1. So ridiculous and sad that Disney sure isn’t what it used to be. I guess the upper crust there need more pay. As if they aren’t already over paid! The prices keep escalating but the fun extras keep deescalating. Time for all of us to band together & start complaining in the parks or stop going all together. BTW, have they also dropped the barbershop singers? Now that’s something they can get rid of.

    • I was a full time musician at WDW for 18 years at what was all three parks as well as countless special events and Disney weddings. At its peak in the 90’s I believe we had in the neighborhood of about 450 musicians working under a contract between the company and the American Federation of Musicians. That number now stand at somewhere around 60. The other musical acts are contracted as 3rd party vendors who don’t enjoy the benefits of our collective bargaining agreement. I’m going to just leave this right here.

  2. Upset that Coco is being cut! Literally planned our upcoming trip to Epcot around their current schedule so we could see this. This cut is a terrible idea.

  3. I’m so sick of hearing about these cuts. We enjoy the JAMMitors and especially Matsuriza! I feel like all of these special performers at Epcot, AK and MK that are being reduced or cut out completely will take away the uniqueness of Disney that I love! (And don’t get me started on the photo boxes!) We currently have a trip planned but it may truly be our last one. I love these performers. We could go to Universal or any other amusement park just to ride rides. I want the personal touches at Disney. It’s the characters and street performers and cast members that make Disney unique and magical! Seems as if they have forgotten that! They have gotten too big for their britches!

  4. People are coming to Epcot for the entertainment, countries and food! So hey lets cut out the entertainment part and charge people the same amount! Not right! How about if Bob Igor gets a pay cut, he could give up his salary for one year and pay thousands of employees, but that would make to much sense. Sorry, vent over!

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