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Breaking News: Another Entertainment Cut Coming to Disney World

Breaking: Ride Refurbishment Scheduled at Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Yet another entertainment closure is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

According to a Facebook posting by member of the group, the Burudika Band will offer their last performance on October 13th at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This group fills the central marketplace in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park with Afro-pop style music and is a popular entertainment option for all ages.  They encourage guests to join in with singing and cultural dancing.

This entertainment cut is just one of the losses that will soon be coming to Disney World. For more information about upcoming entertainment cuts, check out the post “Entertainment Cuts Coming to Walt Disney World.”

What are your thoughts about the recent cuts to entertainment options in the parks?

-Jaelyn Winkle


  1. Part of what makes Disney World so special is the live performances. Whether it’s at EPCOT or Animal Kingdom. I hate to see it go! Perhaps they need to slow down on the new attractions and gather money to bring back all the live performances and experiences they have deleted. What’s next meet and greets with Mickey? Use the extra money from the AP increase and pay some of these talented performers.

  2. Its a shame. I think Disney is spending way too much time and money on these giant attractions that only a handful of people will enjoy .I love the little “pop-up” shows and street shows.

  3. I think with all the things they’re taking away they’d better have something else for us to enjoy & that will take their place. Waiting forever to ride the rides is tuff enough, but now, no entertainment either?

  4. I agree with Meghan I also think. it represents there country,Disney needs to stop changing everything everytime u read the news on Disney this is gone that is gone its getting sicking Walt made the park the was he wanted it. He’s probably turning in his grave with all these changes.they put something new in here goes the price tickets to get in very said

    • “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” – Walt Disney

      Walt never intended for the parks to be frozen in time. While I agree that the Burudika Band is a staple in AK, and will be sad to see it go, I also understand that things change and the parks are no exception. Hopefully they are making way for something else wonderful.

  5. On one morning I sat with the little that couldn’t ride FoP while everyone else went. We went to Kusafiri and then sat and watched the entertainment in Africa. It was a joy. It made the waiting fun.

    This is really sad to me.

  6. I agree with Meg. The Burudila Band sets the tone for Africa. My family always looks forward to watching and listening to them. It definitely will not be the same!

  7. Ridiculous. Disney is removing a lot of the special touches that make it unique. Budget cuts to the Arts yet they’re hosting the Festival of the Arts again? I’m disgusted.

  8. I think that the Burudika Band sets the tone of Africa. When I hear the music playing, I start smiling as I enter the gate. I am fine without the Muppets, but I love that band!

  9. Sad. That was my favorite place to sit an relax at AK. Great entertainment and culture. And the Muppets leaving MK, and Scat Cats leaving, along with the best band at the resorts (Jason and Billy at POFQ) Makes me feel better that I won’t be back for AIR a long time.

  10. Honestly I am ok with this. As a mom of a kid with sensory needs we always disliked when the drums were going. #unpopularopinion

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