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Entertainment cuts coming to Walt Disney World

Entertainment cuts coming to Walt Disney World

The beginning of October is the opening of a new fiscal year for Disney and that always means change will occur.  Some of those changes were expected with Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration coming to a close on September 30, but there are a few that may take you by surprise.  Here’s the details:

Magic Kingdom

We know that Mickey and Minnie will revert back to their old costumes and old way of meeting.  Minnie should return to Pete’s Silly Sideshow and Pluto should move back to the flagpole.   The daily popup characters at the flagpole will cease on September 30 as well.

The Muppets Present Great Moments in American History (last day October 6) puppet show next to the Hall of Presidents will be cut as well as the walk around entertainment known as the Royal Majesty Makers (Last day October 5).  ‘Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It!‘ Street Party will reduce from three shows to two shows per day and will revert to the old show prior to the surprise celebration.

Hollywood Studios

We already knew that the Incredibles Super Shindig dance party would close with the surprise celebration, but DJs Ready! Set! Party Time! Dance Party will also close soon.  The Lightning McQueen Racing Academy and cars meets will remain.

I’ve heard rumblings that Mike and Sulley could be removed as well, but that is unconfirmed at this time.  Edna Mode is safe.

Animal Kingdom

The Hakuna Matata dance party will end as we expected with the surprise celebration.

All cuts will take place between September 30 and October 6, 2019.  I’ll keep you informed as things develop.

Disney never officially states that entertainment acts are closing, so we always have to take these with a grain of salt until it actually occurs.


  1. Music and entertainment evolve and change with the years. Entertainers who have honed specific skills and have entertained for years, get tired of doing the same old thing and long for new material (ask any musician how they feel about weddings and Pachebel’s Canon in D). Sometimes that means hiring new people to continue on…other times it means retiring the material and finding something entirely new. Don’t be surprised if these are not so much eliminations as they are a movement from one thing to another.

  2. Disney already got in trouble for inflating revenue and I am sure too much money is flowing up stream with nothing to show for it. I am so angry that they have out priced the common person. Even Florida residents. Look at the ads for tickets, no price, just the monthly payment! oh and that is after the deposit. Walt would turn over in his grave with the management salaries, and how the cast members are not being paid for their roles in bringing the magic to the park. There are a good many that still have Disney in their heart, but some definitely feel the resentment of under paid and kept in part time positions so not to get benefits. Sad not to take care of those who take care of you.
    How much money in profits is enough. Corporations always want to increase profits every year, but where does that stop? How much do they need to be profitable? Does the increase in expenses match what they want in the increase in profit margin? GREED will be Disney’s damnation. Once they get to a certain point people will stop going due to cost. I know those are not the people Disney want anyway. They want the people that come in on the whole package. Hotel stays and multiple short term ticket packages. Us that utilize the annual pass are not as profitable and they want to price us out too, (note the recent annual pass increase). We are the base of this multilevel money making pyramid. Once it crumbles how are they going to guarantee that set and stable income if we decide enough is enough?

  3. I’ve never been one for character photos until the MVMCP. Some of these shows going away were meh anyway. I miss the days of entertainment at the stage in Tomorrowland and a variety of shows in front of the castle. Nice to have a seat and watch some great singing and dancing. My only issue with the castle entertainment, it takes up the front and you can no longer walk through the castle. That was classic with the beautiful mosaics inside.

  4. It’s sad how they spend billions on both Galaxy Edge, buying 21 Century Fox, building NBA experience, and not making the profits for their losses.

  5. The personal touch is what I am starting to miss in this world. Airports, banks, stores : no help to be found. A person is on his own. It is refreshing to be served by a living person who does his/ her job with a smile and a kind word or words. We have lost so much in this age of technology. Ugg I hate this.

  6. I think people are over reacting to this. I never thought of any of these bits of entertainment as long term things. They will eventually end and guess what …. Likely replaced with some other idea to come.

  7. As much as we love Disney, I am becoming disgusted by their need to cut costs and in doing so cut so many unique and special things out of the parks. So many of these entertainment cuts brought life and diversity to areas otherwise boring in the parks. It’s nice to have something to do besides run around and wait in ride lines. We enjoy interacting and talking to these performers and participating in the dance/shows. Those are my daughter’s favorite memories, not the rides. It’s the people we meet at things like these. I feel like I am paying more and getting less and watching that special “Disney Magic” disappear before my eyes

  8. I think Disney needs to go back to being Disney. Character entertainment and shows that correspond with their movies. They need to go back just a little bit to old Disney. As for Hollywood making basically everything Star Wars is ridiculous. For those out there that are not necessarily caught up in Star Wars it makes that park hard to visit. Is that all that Hollywood Studios made or makes is Star Wars? I’m sure there are other “movies” out there that could be turned into attractions.

    • It also features Indiana Jones, Muppets, Disney Jr, Frozen, Little Mermaid, Toy Story and a variety of characters, plus rock n roller coaster and tower of terror.

    • I’m certainly old enough to have enjoyed the first Star Wars movies and a lot of the other things Disney is bringing out now… BUT….. Why keep building up things that WERE in the movies yrs too late? Why not capitalize on the original characters that Walt Disney was so proud of? Like the cartoon characters and/or the live action movie characters? That’s what brought people to the parks originally! Those are a lot more MAGICAL then all the super heroes & things that are getting shoved down our throats. Just my opinion.

  9. I’m sad about a few things here but I truly hope they don’t do away with Mike and Sully!! Sully is my daughter’s favorite and he’s one of mine too!

  10. Remember to tell Disney what things you DO like. Stop by Guest Relations, write a letter or email, make a phone call, whatever. It might help regarding keeping the things that you like. Just my two cents.

  11. Seriously!? Their getting rid of The Royal Majesty Makers!? I mean, The Muppets show is something I can live without but The Royal Majesty Makers and the walk around entertainment overall I what makes the Disney Parks special!! Not Cool Disney!!! Personally I would’ve cut The Move It! Shake It! street parade completely! It has been around far long enough!

    • Well, we knew since January that Flagpole rare greets were ending at the end of September, but Muppets? That show always brought life to a rather lifeless section of MK. I wonder if their removal was related to the construction in Liberty Square? And maybe they would return at some point? Who knows….

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