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Will FuelRods begin charging for swap service in Disney Parks

Fuel Rod Wars - The Adventure Continues

FuelRod is a backup battery service that allows you to purchase a small, low-power battery and swap it an unlimited number of times in Disney Parks for free.  Over the last year they have begun charging up to $3 per swap at off-site locations.  It appears that Disney Parks may be the next upcharge location.

Disneyland first began removing the signage that stated “Free Unlimited Swaps.”  As of today Walt Disney World locations have also begun removing that same signage.  The Magic Kingdom locations are the first to switch up the signage.

As you can see from my friend’s recent photo of the swap location in Epcot, it clearly stated “Free Unlimited Swaps.”  The new verbage states “Swappable.”

When asked by multiple Twitter users if they plan to begin charging in the parks, they decline to respond.  When asked why they went from free unlimited swapping as promised on the signage, the company’s official Twitter responded with these comments.

“Swaps have been used so much we started charging in some areas to cover increased service after 4+yrs at the same price.”  They also stated, “Host locations determine specific price points.”  And further posted “Swap charges are determined by host locations ($0-$3).”

While it’s still speculation until the change occurs, it appears likely that FuelRod will begin charging for swap services in the parks.  I would expect the service charge to begin October 1 when FuelRod’s current discount promotion ends.

I used the service frequently, but found that the batteries became very hot in my pocket or hand when charging my powerful Pixel phone.  I recently switched to using a  Morphie 10,000 which provides me with multiple re-charges and never gets hot.  It is about the size of my phone and does weigh more than a FuelRod, but does a good job for my needs in the parks.

What do you think about the possibility of FuelRod beginning to charge for this service in Disney Parks?

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  1. Like most of the comments above, I have both fuel rods and a external charger from Amazon. I still like the fuel rods because of the weight factor – The 2 fuel rods I have weigh less than my charger brick. But I also don’t mind swapping fuel rods if I’m near a kiosk, and have a used one to swap. The swap charge is not enough to put me off, if I need a charger. Yes, I recharge my fuel rods in the room, but have swapped as well. However, I have noticed the heating factor but it’s never been serious enough to scare me off using the fuel rods.

  2. We finally broke down and got one of these just last month (our regular external charger had gotten left in the room and both our phones were about to die. My husband said it wasn’t a bad deal since we got to swap for free. So guess we only got one short trip of free swaps.

  3. I have used it, not very often, on days we are park hopping, I know where the kiosks are and plan for is, I am fairly annoyed, when I overpaid for the fuel rod the first time it was with the express understanding that it would be free exchanges.

  4. Never used it. We carry our own phone quick charge brick and it last us all day for 2 phones and we recharge it for free at night.

    • I thought it was great when they came out and offering the free swap but if they are going to charge I will go a different resource

  5. We have two fuel rods as well as an External battery. We will charge in the room and use. I’m not going to pay to swap when you don’t get a fully charged battery in return.

  6. I agree with the others, there are not enough kiosks in the parks, they don’t provide a full charge and does get hot. Having to go across the park to get a rod cuts into park time. The better option is to purchase a fuel bank on amazon.

  7. I purchased one on our last trip and found it a poor value. It would only charge my phone to about 40%, got much too hot, and the exchange locations were too spread out. I’ll just stick with the ones we got from Amazon.

  8. I love my fuel rod but I would bring a charge bank as opposed to a $3 charge. The way it is I am xchange when I can but I’m hey are slow and not a full charge

  9. We never got on the fuel rod wagon because the kiosks were so spread out. I’d rather have a better backup right in my bag than suddenly have to bolt across the park to get a charger.

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