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Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios will not offer Fastpass for a limited time

Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios will not offer Fastpass for a limited time

Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios has been undergoing construction for the last month to prepare for the upcoming opening of Toy Story Land.  It has created increased wait times and much guest frustration.  Coming soon, Toy Story Mania will not offer Fastpass for a limited time as part of that construction process.

From April 9 through May 7, 2018, guests will NOT be allowed to create a Fastpass for Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios.  As they continue to swap the entrance from the Pixar area, around to the upcoming Toy Story Land, guests will be loaded onto the ride through a stand-by queue only.

What does this mean?  It means that during that time frame, I highly recommend arriving at the Studios at least an hour early and making a bee line for Toy Story Mania or visiting the attraction shortly before closing.  If you don’t you’ll be waiting in a VERY long line!

Does this news affect your upcoming trip?  Be sure to make the adjustments in your Character Locator touring plan!



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  1. We will be there June 24-30; I have not been able to do a fast pass at all; and I check every day. Is the entrance still under construction?

  2. What does your last comment mean? “For pre-booking…June 30. Same day” Sorry i have been trying this morning too but no luck on the app. thanks

  3. Hi :) Does anyone have an upgrate to when the FP+ will be available again? Tried several times from 5am this morning and we still cannot take FP+ (we’ll be there frome June 2nd to June 9th) Thank you :)

  4. us either. i have called several times but they are not releasing fast passes at this time is all they say :-( not a happy momma right now

  5. Hollywood Studios has so many fun shows though and the Storm Troopers march is pretty awesome (I am not even a Star Wars fan). You can see Beauty and the Beast Live, Frozen Ever After (pretty hilarious), Disney Jr Live on Stage, Muppets….so much there, just not all rides. I would go but not knowing your schedule of how many days you’ll be there it’s hard to say for sure. Personally I love Hollywood. I go there 2 days every visit,

  6. I tried to get a fast pass 60 days out for Toy Story Mania for June 4th and there weren’t any fast passes.

  7. We tried to make FP from May 24th-May 30th as on-site guests 60 days out and nothing. Something is going on late May. Not sure what though.

  8. Booked FP’s this morning for May 13-17 and TS isn’t available any of those days. Thinking Disney doesn’t want to commit to FP’s that soon after the projected completion date just in case construction gets delayed and goes longer.

  9. Thats a good point. I dont know the answer, but I would think if the FP line is closed, there would be no way to?

  10. I’m just reading this now and was planning on FP’ing TSMM on Monday, ,April 30th. I am wondering if we just take Hollywood Studios off the park visit list as my kids are uninterested and too scared to do Rock N’ Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror. I really don’t feel like arriving to the park an hour early to rush and wait in an hour long line to ride this ride. I have an 8 year old, 6 year old and 2 year old. We have dinner reservations at sci-fi drive in at 5:15. I’m wondering if we should just go to the park for dinner and to watch Fantasmic or to skip it altogether…Thoughts?

    • The dates for which FP is not offered is in this post. It is not related to what date you book it, but what dates it is NOT offered.

  11. I’m having problems deciding between going to TSMM at park opening or signing my Star Wars loving boys up for Jedi training. Do you think there will still be times available for Jedi training if we go after TSMM?

  12. Now that Toy Story Land’s official opening is announced not until June 30th I wonder what this will mean for Toy Story Mania during this almost 2 month gap between May 7th and June 30th. Will the ride ever close ENTIRELY as the entrance makes its full swap? If so, how long would they really keep Toy Story Mania closed? 1 week before the opening of Toy Story Land? 1 month? This entire period following May 7th? Maybe Toy Story Mania will only be available for a period to those APs who might be able to preview Toy Story Land? This would be odd (and feels unfair IMO0 to then limit access to an already existing ride to APs only. So many questions now about how this entrance transition will happen and what will happen with that ride over this gap between May 7th and June 30th.

  13. Do you know if we would still be able to use the DAS pass on TSM during this time? We are planning on going to HS on May 8th but just Incase they expand this I wanted to have an idea.

  14. What is the likelihood of these dates being extended? We are arriving on May 7th and planning on going to HS on the 8th (picking my FPs next month). Do you think these dates are firm? Or is there a possibility it will go further? Thanks!

    • These are the dates I was provided. I cannot say whether they would extend beyond that or what will occur after, sorry.

  15. Money wise or wouldn’t get us at the front of the line for TSMM. We have little ones so anything more than a 30 min wait is not doable and we definitely wont be at HS near closing so we’d otherwise have to skip the ride – which they both love.

  16. Kenny, will you please delete my post from Julia Caminas above. I didn’t mean to post my full name along with my date of vacation. I will repost with a different log in name later. Thanks!

  17. Actually Ann, Tracks A & B use the same feeder lines. Track C, which is what’s currently closed, was added due to the rides popularity. Hope this helps.

  18. We were just there Monday. The wait was well over an hour even in what was supposed to be a slower day. By far the longest wait in the park

  19. They are down to one line right now, due to construction for moving the entrance to the other side of the building in preparation for Pixar Place. I waited 90 minutes or more on my last visit.

  20. I haven’t wasted a fast pass on midway mania in years. Once they opened the 3rd track, there’s no longer a need. Save it for Rockin Rollercoaster! Granted, we go in Feb/March and Oct/Nov, so it’s not crazy crowded, but we never wait more than 30 minutes in standby. And if you go while people are lining up for Fantasmic, you can ride 3 times in the last half hour before the park closes.

    • I am sorry, but I can’t confirm what will happen for that time frame now. Hopefully, more details will come forward soon.

  21. We were there last week Kelli and while I cannot promise it will be the same, the line was quite reasonable at closing time. We arrived at 7:35 (park closing at 8:00, Fantasmic had started at 7:00) and were able to ride it twice. We exited at 7:58 and were able to get right back in line but it closed shortly after us.

  22. Oh no! We will be there May 6th. How is the line at closing time? If we get in line before the park officially closes, are we okay to ride?

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