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Rivers of Light to offer Cast Member previews

Rivers of Light Cast Member Previews coming soon!

Cast Members are now reporting that a special Cast Member preview for Rivers of Light will take place very soon!

After hearing of a possible Cast Member preview, I messaged some Cast Member friends who were part of the training that took place back in October, and I was able to confirm that Cast Members are indeed being offered Rivers of Light previews this weekend.  The dates and times are Sunday, Nov. 27 and Monday, Nov. 28 at 8 p.m.

Cast Members are reminded that there is no photography or video recording allowed during previews.

Cast Members are being allowed to pick up their complimentary tickets for the free CM preview.  It seems as though the opening of this attraction is coming very soon.  Perhaps this will be a Disney World Christmas gift to its guests?



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      • Are the Cast Members who work the show just on standby for when it will open to the public, or have they been told when to report to work for the show and have to be tight-lipped about it? I don’t suppose “shortly after” could mean the Tues-Thurs immediately following the preview? That would be great for our trip.

  1. Wow! What a wonderful treat this is to the CMs and hopefully soon to guests visiting AK!

    Somehow I misread yesterday’s post about AK hours and thought it might not be something that was offered for quite a long time. Glad I misunderstood!!

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