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Could Rivers of Light finally be coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom?


Since early Spring we’ve been waiting on pins and needles to see Rivers of Light.  We were given Jungle Book: Alive with Magic as a summer fill-in while the issues were resolved with Rivers of Light.  Could a few factors be pointing to an opening coming soon?

  1.  The Rivers of Light floats have been testing at Animal Kingdom each day lately.  They’ve been doing daylight, evening and late night testing with the floats, timing, music and effects.  That may not get us too excited as they did this in Spring when it was summarily closed before opening.
  2. Rivers of Light was officially handed over from Walt Disney Imagineering to Animal Kingdom Operations team.  This is a normal step before any new attraction premiers in Walt Disney World.
  3. Cast Members are being trained.  The Cast Members who offered load and unload support for Jungle Book are said to begin training soon.  It could occur as early as next week.  They were supposed to be trained for Rivers of Light in Spring, but were put on hold, then trained for Jungle Book.  Now that they are back training Cast, the show could open in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Disney hasn’t announced anything firm on Rivers of Light yet, but I’d expect an announcement coming pretty soon.  If you see it pop up for Fastpass+, be sure to let us all know here!


  1. Man, I’ll be there on March 24th and I’m still afraid I’ll never get to see those lights as we are not from the US, so visiting Disney is kind of a “big deal” for us :/
    I miss Disney keeping up to their schedule…

  2. When will we know about the new night show at Animal Kingdom? We will be there in one week….. really thought this would be out be now. Will you Twitter it out when you know?

  3. We will be at AK on Nov 1, and the hours have been extended to 8:30pm, but RoL doesn’t show up as a FP+ option yet. I really wish Disney would give us an actual start date instead of just ‘coming soon.’ Any new info from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

  4. We are currently at Disney World and was talking to a Disney employee at Animal Kingdom last night. He said that Rivers of Light was scheduled to do a soft roll out in early November. He also said that Avatar was a month ahead of schedule in the construction phase.

    • There still is no confirmed date for Rivers. The designer in charge was here this week and cast are already being trained for seating.

  5. Didn’t see anything listed yet but I did notice the hours are extended in November until 8:30pm and Hollywood studios put up Star Wars fireworks for some November nights!

  6. I’m pretty sure that Imagineering has nothing to do with shows at Disney. They handle rides not shows. Entertainment probably did everything.

  7. I see AK hours have been extended to 8:30pm during my upcoming trip (was 7:00pm) Oct. 19-21, so maybe it’s coming soon…fingers crossed!

    • Same with my family, I started planning a year ago for our trip the first week of October! Fingers crossed that it will open in time for both our trips. Animal Kingdom is my second favorite park so I’ve been waiting on pins and needles. Kenny, if you get a date, will you please post it for us? Thanks!

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