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Rumor Roundup: Woody, Jessie and Rafiki could be leaving Magic Kingdom

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Rumor Roundup:  Woody, Jessie and Rafiki could be leaving Magic Kingdom

With the new Muppets Present Great Moments in American History coming to the Magic Kingdom on October 2nd, rumors are flying that some beloved characters may be removed from meet and greets.

First, the new Muppets offering is a SHOW, not a meet and greet.  It is said to be taking place out of the upper windows of the Heritage House in Liberty Square so more guests in the area can view the activity.

With budgets for entertainment not being stretched, it’s being rumored among Cast Members that Woody and Jessie will leave Frontierland.  Woody will continue meeting in Hollywood Studios, and this will make that 30 to 45 minute line even longer.  Some believe Jessie will join him there, but there’s no confirmation yet.

Rafiki has been in Adventureland drawing small lines for almost a year in a move that really didn’t make much sense, except to make him more visible to guests.  He’s really easy to meet in Animal Kingdom.

If the rumors are accurate, the final day to meet Woody, Jessie and Rafiki in the Magic Kingdom will be October 1, 2016.

Another rumor on the entertainment front says that the Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob may be eliminated from the Magic Kingdom. It’s unconfirmed at this time.

Another beloved long-time character to be let go is Scoop Sanderson.  Scoop was the pin trading master for the Citizens of Main Street for many years before being asked to hang up his lanyard last year.  Now, his contract as Ace Reporter for the Main Street Gazette has not been renewed.  His final day is said to be October 8.  Scoop typically does the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show on Sundays and Mondays and visits with guests along Main Street Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

It is rumored based on Disney casting calls that Elena of Avalor should begin offering meet and greets this fall.  No specific date has been provided.  Her show at Cinderella Castle is currently said to be offered through September 24 at least.

Moana is also currently under casting calls and could begin meeting in Fall or Winter.  Like Elena, Moana will be a live, face character.   No locations have been rumored at this time, nor specific dates given.

Remember, it’s all a rumor (except Scoop) until Disney formally anounces a change or until we actually see it happen.



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  1. Hopefully they will bring back Jessie when Toy Story Land opens in Hollywood Studios. Can’t imagine her being gone forever! It does seem that every day Disney is making a change! Makes it hard to count on anything when you plan a trip!

    • It’s odd to ask your client to plan 6 months and 2 months in advance, then change things while they are visiting and never even tell them

  2. I am incredibly bummed that Woody & Jessie are no longer meeting. We waited for them for over an hour last January at my 3-year old’s insistence; by far the longest character line we were in for our entire trip. Here’s hoping they come to their senses before we go back in February. I am looking forward to the Muppets show (my parents and I will love it; not so sure about the kiddos) and I am pleasantly surprised about the possibility to meet Princess Elena.

  3. My daughter’s favorite “princess” is Jessie. She is a highlight every year. They have such a huge draw…this would be crushing to little ones!

  4. Banjo Brothers and Bob are a favourite of ours and we’ve had magical moments with them. I will be really dismayed if they’re cut from the offerings at Magic Kingdom. If they want to retire or do something new, I get it, but if it’s up to Disney, I’m really displeased. Please don’t be true, rumour!

  5. Kenny, any possibility that Elena would move into Princess Fairytale Hall on 9/25? As you mentioned, I’m seeing her last Royal Welcome on 9/24. I would be so disappointed for my DD if our trip is in between this transition. Thanks!

  6. That is just insane. Kids would (100 times over) rather meet/see Jessie and Woody over the muppets. I personally am frustrated since my kids are dressing up as Woody and Jessie for the MNSSHP and wanted to grab a pic with them before. First MNSSHP cancels the Toy Story Dance Party and now the meet & greet?! Disney continues to disappoint.

  7. Scoop is a great representative of Main Street …we always look forward to seeing him. My dad love trading pins with scoop he was his buddy!!! Scoops will be missed !!!!!

  8. No! We will be there starting Oct 3 and these characters were on our list – especially woody and Jessie! Please keep us posted on Elena, keeping my fingers crossed that at least she will be available.

  9. One of my favorite memories of the time I attended the MVMCP included watching the Banjo Brothers and Bob performing. I was amazed that people didn’t pause on their way out to enjoy the show. My family is scheduled to spend a week in December at WDW and I was hoping to see them again and, for some members of my party who weren’t able to meet Jessie, to have a big family picture with the yodelin’ cowgirl. It seems like so much of the Disney magic is disappearing.

  10. I saw Woody and Jessie for the first time last year. I loved them!! Was looking forward to seeing them in late October with my grandkids. Seems like Disney makes enough money to keep and add new characters. I’m not liking all the character cuts.

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