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Update for November 2016 Park Hours

Disney World Crowd Calendar November 2017

Update for November 2016 Park Hours

Just a quick note to let you know that Animal Kingdom has extended park hours for the entire month of November.  Formerly the park hours were 9am to 5pm.  Animal Kingdom will now close at 6pm nightly.  It’s still possible that hours could extend again before November.   You’ll find the updated hours on my November 2016 Crowd Calendar.

Enjoy your time in the parks!


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  1. I have a slightly off topic question. If we are going to the Christmas party on November 13th, do you recommend the Holiday wishes dessert party or will it waste too much of our party time?

  2. Thank you Kenny! Wondering if Jersey Week will have AK after dark hrs.?! Or DHS SW fireworks show? Waiting on some news about both!

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