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Hollywood Studios character meet and greet update with an awesome rare find


I visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios to get some good photos of some of the recent character changes and provide you with an update and ended up meeting with an awesome rare character!

You’d think Bolt is the rare character, right?  Bolt has actually been meeting at Hollywood Studios for about 3 weeks now.  I added him  to Character Locator when he began meeting to help you, and I included him and others in my Touring Plans a couple of days ago.  Walt Disney World characters are always changing, so it helps to have a subscription to stay up to date and make your planning easier.  I’m really grateful that it helps people accomplish our goal to “Play more. Wait less.”

Hollywood Studios Bolt character meet and greet (1)

I asked Bolt how he’d like to pose and he went with the Power Pose, so here we are.  He meets at the Great Movie ride.Hollywood Studios Bolt character meet and greet (2)

Maybe the rare character is Max?  Nope!  Max has also been meeting daily at the Great Movie Ride.  It’s really ashamed how many park guests don’t know the Disney movies and cartoons though.  I heard people saying, “Who is that dog over there?”  “Maybe it’s baby Goofy, let’s go meet Baby Goofy.”  (Face palms)

Hollywood Studios Max Goof Character meet and greet (1)

He is Max Goof.  He is the son of Goofy and the former Mrs. Geef.  Yes Max was raised by a single dad who isn’t very good at sports, home repair, driving a car or most anything except making me laugh.  Max has his head on straight though.
Hollywood Studios Max Goof Character meet and greet (2)

Max preferred the “tough guys with arms crossed” pose.Hollywood Studios Max Goof Character meet and greet (3)

Goofy usually meets at the same time as Max but is currently across from him in the courtyard.  The guy is like a rock star with long lines and his own paparazzi!  The man knows how to travel.  Hollywood Star!Hollywood Studios Goofy character meet and greet (4)

So the special character is Lilo and or Stitch?  Nope, the park added Stitch a couple of weeks ago and Lilo added on this week.  I’m actually impressed with bringing back several great characters.  There’s no way to know how long they will stay around, but it’s fun seeing them out again.

I’ve heard rumblings that more changes will occur in Hollywood Studios as it relates to the courtyard area and Commissary Lane.  I’m not prepared to say who, but hopefully there could be some more positive movement in the character world.  There’s thousands of people who could spend their entire trip meeting characters, so it’s great to see more variety the last few weeks and I’ll commend Epcot for adding Joy/Sadness and Baymax to their rotations too!

Hollywood Studios Lilo and Stitch character meet and greet (1)

Hang ten!  I’ll leave the actual surfing to my daughter who, very adeptly, rode the waves in Hawaii last year.Hollywood Studios Lilo and Stitch character meet and greet (2)

So, who did you meet?  We want to know.  It’s drama I’m looking for here. Hey, don’t cheat and scroll down.  I’ve got important Chip n Dale news first!

The Chipmunks got the boot from the courtyard area and their clothes went flying off!  Acck!  They are nekkid again in Hollywood Studios.  “Don’t look Ethel, it’s too late…”  Seriously, they don’t wear their 1940’s costumes any longer, they are just their plain old acorn-loving selves.

Hollywood Studios Chip n Dale character meet and greet (1)

They love shade and I can’t blame them.  I love shade too.  It’s like 97 degrees with 90% humidity, so any shade or air-conditioning you can find is a great thing!  Even standing in the shade, you’re likely to be dripping with sweat in Florida.  People say, “You must be used to it, since you grew up in the South.”  Hottest place I ever lived was Texas, and it was humid where we lived, but I still love a tall glass of sweet tea and AIR-CONDITIONING!

Okay, back to the point, Chip n Dale are located along Commissary Lane.  You might find them hidden behind the DVC kiosk.  Great way to sell memberships?  If you don’t see them there, just look along Commissary Lane.  Their schedule and all others are always included 24 hours a day with your Character Locator subscription.Hollywood Studios Chip n Dale character meet and greet (5)

These guys are always stirring up trouble.  Chip felt I’d look like a cool guy with my hat turned sideways.  If you’re confused, Chip looks like he has one tooth (two close together) and Dale has 2.  One tooth, one vowel.  Two teeth, two vowels.  Also Chip has a black or chocolate chip nose and higher eye brows.Hollywood Studios Chip n Dale character meet and greet (2)

Can we stop talking about eye brows, and get to the great character you ran into at Hollywood Studios?  Okay, I’ll post it as long as you finish the article so you’ll know what’s going on with the other characters.

Oh wait!  Mickey and Minnie’s meet in Hollywood Studios now has a more permanent sign and posted wait system.  At around 10am, the wait was a whopping 5 minutes.  It grew to 20 within an hour.  Great meet and greet!

Hollywood Studios Mickey and Minnie Character Meet and greet

Here’s my rare find for the day.  Pinocchio showed up in the courtyard to meet guests.  Daisy wasn’t feeling well today, so Pinocchio grabbed a boat from Germany and rowed on over to meet guests.  It’s always fun seeing Pinocchio as he usually only pops up at Character Palooza rarely.  When the Cast Member announced the meet, everyone became excited to see him.

Hollywood Studios Pinocchio character meet and greet (2)

Hi-ho the merry-o
That’s the only way to be
I want the world to know
Nothing ever worries me Hollywood Studios Pinocchio character meet and greet (3)

After meeting the courtyard and Commisary Lane characters, I decided to walk around a bit and check on other character meets.

Line for Sofia the First aka Princess Sofia.  If you see a line, come back later in the day.

Hollywood Studios Disney Jr character meet and greets (1)

Jake was on break, but the had a 10 minute or so line.  Here’s Pluto.  Here’s some better photos and how to meet him.Hollywood Studios Disney Jr character meet and greets (2)

Doc was leaving to get some more tongue depressors, cod liver oil or Mercurochrome or something.Hollywood Studios Disney Jr character meet and greets (3)

I entered the Star Wars Launch Bay through the merchandise store in order to check on the character meets there.

Jawas were out trading in the Cantina.  Why does this place not sell blue milk?  They would make a killing!  Actually, why does Disney not offer a Star Wars character meal?

Hollywood Studios Jawas character meet and greet (2)

People often want to know how to get the Jawas to trade.  You can’t offer them money, even if it’s foreign money.  They don’t want food, especially hot gooey, half-eaten food.  They love shiny things like paper clips and tin foil.  They love buttons and pins.  If you offer them junk or paper, expect them to deny you and move on.  They are traders, not garbage men.  They will often give you a droid part, if you offer them something of value.Hollywood Studios Jawas character meet and greet (1)

Chewbacca’s line was posted at 20 minutes.  That could be possible with this line.  He’s a fun meet, but practice your gurgling sounds!

Hollywood Studios Star Wars character meet and greet (1)

Kylo Ren’s posted wait was 10 minutes.  Ummm no!  It was out the door, you’re looking at an easy 30 minutes when that happens.  Don’t try to be funny with Kylo Ren, he’s not into humor.  He’ll either take out his light saber and scratch up the wall like he does in the movie, or like he does in Jedi Training, or like he does in the Star Wars fashion show or he’ll just tell you to leave.  Yes, he has actually directed guests out of the room for attempting to break character with him.  It’s not Kylo’s comedy hour.  Kylo runs the room, you just take orders, comprende?  It’s a fun, and very intimidating meet.  If you have a Chase Disney Visa, use it for the special meet with a smaller line.Hollywood Studios Star Wars character meet and greet (2)

I checked in on Buzz n Woody and their posted wait was 35 minutes, but I’ve easily waited 45 from outside like these guests.  It is a VERY slow moving meet because the characters spend time with the guests and it’s quite loud inside too.  I hope they make the sound issues better when Toy Story Land opens in like 2028 or whatever.

Hollywood Studios Buzz n Woody character meet and greet

I checked out the Green Army Man Bootcamp.  It’s a fun, interactive experience for kids in Pixar Place with no posted show times.

Green Army Man Bootcamp at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World

I then rode Toy Story Midway Mania and it was a posted 20 minute wait.  It took 15, but would have been less, but they cleared the Fastpass+ line.  The 3rd track really did the trick!  I scored a little under 300,000 playing alone and almost got high score for the day.  I once posted a live photo on my Facebook of the empty queue during the day and some guy accused me of posting a photo taken at rope drop.  Not sure what I’d gain in doing that, but you get no photos of my pleasantly empty queue thanks to “that guy.”

Before leaving due to crazy heat and impending rain, I stopped by the Olaf meet and greet.  They’ve greatly improved the signage at this meet.  It’s gone from a tent board, to tent board with temporary sign to much nicer permanent signage.

Hollywood Studios Olaf character meet and greet (1)

It even has an estimated wait time.  Olaf is popular and can have a wait of up to 30 minutes.  They use Disney magic to keep you from waiting 60 minutes ;)Hollywood Studios Olaf character meet and greet (2)

Hope you enjoyed my little character tour!  I’m in the parks today checking out the new Soarin’ film, the new Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire show, the rearranged Princess Fairytale Hall and the new Star Wars Fireworks.  Man, I need to hire and assistant or team or something lol.  It’s great living the dream!  I’ll try to do as much Facebook LIVE as possible for you.

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  1. Is Max still meeting daily by the Great Movie Ride? Is he there all day or only during certain times of the day? I am going to be there in 2 weeks? Do you think he will still be there then? Thanks!

  2. Was pinocchio out meeting that day only? I finally was able to catch jimney cricket this past april and i have been trying to catch pinocchio to add to my collection of pictures!

  3. Do you know how long Bolt will stay? He is my daughter’s favorite and we will be there in March 2017. She would be so excited to meet him for her 5th birthday.

  4. We were there on the 6th and was able to meet bolt my daughter was so excited. She was again hr wouldn’t be there. We also met Robin hood, Aladdin,jasmine, and the genie at the palooza. Over all for our first visit she got about 30 autographs. Plus those who don’t sign. She was happy six year old. But may have been scared by Kylo Ryen.

  5. Toy Story Ride at just 15 minutes? That is breaking news!! How wonderful to know that the third track really helped the madness there. Did you notice a difference with the crowds in that area? This helps me make my fast pass selection at DHS for next month.
    Thanks Kenny! Character info always makes everyone happy!!

  6. Great post. We had a blast at DHS meeting characters last month. Having your app handy was very helpful and I recommend it to everyone!

  7. We were at Hollywood Studios on 5/22 and met Stitch & Max. We were the last to meet Stitch before he was cut off, and they announced he’d be swapping with Max and the line literally disappeared…so we hung out and met Max! The funny thing is that we met him at Epcot the day before and thought that was super rare to meet him once…let alone twice!

  8. What is the benefit of the character locator compared to the character tab in the mydisneyexperience app? Do they not do essentially the same thing? Just wondering! Please let me know!

    • No. I have full info for everything 24hrs a day, touring plans, crowd info, chat feature and far more info than any site on the net. Well worth it

  9. What a great post! I just purchased the character locator. Have only been to Disney once in 15 years but just bought into DVC so that will now change. I’ve learned so much from your site. Thanks very much!

  10. I seriously enjoy your posts so much! The Hollywood Studios posts are of great interest because we have not frequented that park much. Now that my son is 6 (and loves Star Wars) it will get two days of our October visit!!

  11. A Goofy Movie is one of my sons favorites. I hope we find Max in October. Now to remember the shiny stuff for the Jawa’s! Thanks for the great info!

  12. Haha! Loved your reference to “The Streak”. Funny that the chipmunks lost their clothes. Can’t wait to hear about Soarin’! We will be coming to Orlando in 2 weeks, but only get to do 2 days of Disney.

  13. I love that you met Bolt! My five year old would go crazy if we could meet him in Sept. We are also big Wreck It Ralph fans. Do Ralph or Vanellope ever show up at characterpalooza?

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