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Changes made in light of the recent alligator attack at Walt Disney World


Since the recent alligator attack that took the life of a 2 year old boy at the Grand Floridian beach, Walt Disney World is attempting to respond to this incident for both physical and emotional safety as swiftly as possible.  Here’s a few adjustments that are currently in effect but  could change in coming days:

  1. All beach areas remain closed to the public to prevent a similar issue from occurring.  Disney has currently removed all lounge chairs from beach areas.  Beaches will reopen at some future point, but it is uncertain when.
  2. Walt Disney World is changing all signage around the beach areas to reflect a warning that alligators are known to be in the area.  Exact verbage is uncertain, so that is not any type of quote.
  3. All water recreation departing from resorts, including boat rentals, is currently suspended pending review.
  4. The Magic Kingdom ferryboat has returned to operation.
  5. The Fireworks boat cruises, including Pirates and Pals, has resumed operation.
  6. The Jungle Cruise is no longer making any type of jokes or references in the portion of the ride that passes the animatronic crocodiles.  It’s uncertain when or if the skippers could return to using such jokes.
  7. Tic Tock Croc has not appeared in the Festival of Fantasy parade
  8. Kilimanjaro safari drivers also have new script cutting out any facts about the Nile Crocodile’s bite force, any jokes about them “always looking hungry”, the speed they can run on land/swim, their thrashing techniques when catching prey, or their diets.

It is uncertain at this time if Louis the Alligator will still appear in the new Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire at the Magic Kingdom.  The show begins tomorrow, but some may see it as insensitive to present that portion of the show.  I’ll be on hand tomorrow filming live for my Facebook page, so we’ll know what the show looks like.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I also remember swimming in the lake in the 80s. No blame just love and comforting thoughts to the Graves family and Disney.

  2. The changes are great but unfortunately people seem to leave their common sense at home. They also pay little attention to signage. See it every day. God bless that child. Need a big sign above also staying “DONT LET YOUR CHILDREN WADE INTO THE WATER ALONE AT NIGHT ANYWHERE”!!

    • My understanding is they were waiting for fireworks to start. He was not alone, his whole family was right there and both his father and witnesses tried unsuccessfully to pry the gator’s mouth open to release the boy before he was pulled under water and out of sight. This could have happened to anyone. Less judging and more prayers, please.

  3. I’m so happy to be a guest at Disney parks, because of the thoughtfulness and empathetic things Disney does to help in any way. Blessings to the Graves family.

    • I feel for the Graves family but Disney’s changes represent nothing but political correctness run amok. No info on bite force? You’ve got to be kidding.

  4. I agree with everything EXCEPT #8. People *need* to know the facts about alligators and crocodiles. Sure, leaving the jokes out is a good call, but the facts still need to be there. As it is, too many people are saying “But, I didn’t know that alligators were in Florida,” or “But I didn’t realize that they could attack in only 1 foot of water,” and “But WE fed the alligators at our last visit. It didn’t attack ME, so that family did something wrong.”

    People don’t realize that “making friends” with these animals makes them MORE dangerous. They are really not that different from sharks in that they are apex predators who haven’t evolved much from their Jurassic ancestors. People NEED to know this.

    • Exactly. Alligators have very primitive brains. There’s really not much thought in there except eating and breeding. Factual information about these apex predators who call Florida home, and have for thousands of years before the House of Mouse was a twinkle in Walt’s eye, is necessary.

  5. I completely agree that this was an unforeseeable accident on all parts, both the parents’ and Disney’s. My heart goes out the the Grave’s family, and to all those that responded and assisted in the search and recovery. I would anticipate in the future that the beach areas at the resorts be relocated away from Seven Seas Lagoon, and redirected closer to the pools, such as in the water parks. A low level barrier, natural or man made would keep guests from easily accessing any of the natural water sources around the resorts. With the beaches leading to the lagoon, it’s just too tempting for guests to be at the water’s edge. But, just my opinion.

  6. Not that they really need to because he isn’t there but any changes to Disney Junior Live on Stage’s reference Tick Tock Croc?

  7. I understand why Disney cut off the croc jokes in JC, and why the Peter Pan one is not in the parade anymore, but why stop the character of Louis of Tiana? He is harmless in the movie. I think that move is a bit extreme.

  8. I think it’s best right now to do what they have,
    Its shows compassion and sensitivity at this time.
    Thanks for the info as always.

  9. Is the jungle cruise taking place in a man made pond or a natural water hole? And is the Kilimanjaro safari keeping a safe distance from animals?

    • Jungle Cruise is man made, but connects to natural water sources.
      Safari was designed to protect animals and humans.

      • Has nothing to do with the depth of water or realness of river and everything to do with being sensitive toward making jokes about Crocodiles and Alligators at this time.

  10. Thank you Kenny for getting these details out there – many blogs are “steering clear” for various reasons – but we all want to know what is happening — thanks for always keeping our community up to date!

    • I chose not to sensationalize recent events, but do feel that people should know how things are affecting their trips. Many of these are temporary and will probably revert in same way over time.

  11. I commend Disney for their quick action in limiting beach access and installing proper signage.

    I do wish they’d thought of these things before a child lost his life.

    • It is so very tragic and awful, but there have been 45 uneventful years, so I don’t think that Disney can be blamed in any way. (Unless it comes out that they cut doing something that they used to do in order to keep the area safe but I haven’t seen anything like that suggested.) When I was a child, we even swam in that lagoon.

      • there was an attack in the 80’s at ft wilderness. That boy survived and has spoken out since this tragedy. There really should have been signs put up after that attack. BUT I am like Kenny I don’t blame anyone, it is a tragic accident that no one could have foreseen. I pray for the family everyday.

      • At least two prior Disney guests have reported to the media that they & their families had close calls with large alligators on the Disney property. They both reported the incidents to Disney Resort management where they were staying & either never got a response or we’re very cavalier about it. This was within the last few years. People at Disney had to know of the danger.

      • I agree. No one is to blame here! Disney has done a great job in repsnding and immediately trying to make adjustments to safety! I agree with others about the informational part of the alligators as being important just without the jokes at right now.

    • There are signs on the beach that say keep out of the water and no swimming (I worked at the Grand Floridan and Polynesian in recreation and entertainment) they currently do not have the word “alligator” on them. However from my experience working near/on the lakes most people tend to not take head to the signs or the warnings from cast members and have this fantasy mindset that accidents can never happen at Disney. No one is at fault here not the parents or Disney it was just that a tragic accident involving nature. My heart goes out to both the family and all of Disney (including those who used to work at that location and called it “home”)

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