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Magic Kingdom extends park hours for June 2016

Disney World Crowd Calendar June 2017

Magic Kingdom has extended park hours for many dates in June 2016.  I’ve detailed it here in this post for you.

June 2016 Disney World Crowd Calendar Park Hours Fastpass and Dining Booking Dates KennythePirate

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Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has made the unusual step of opening at 8am in June, which brings many dates back to their old 16 or 17 hour operational days for June, but it is open from 8am to 11pm on many of those dates for regular (non Extra Magic Hour guests).  Here’s some dates that changed and you can always view them in my Crowd Calendars.

  • June 5:  8am – 11pm
  • June 6:  8am – 11pm
  • June 8: 8am – 11pm with EMH until 1am
  • June 9: 8am – 11pm
  • June 13: 9am – 12am
  • June 15:  8am – 11pm with EMH until 1am
  • June 16:  8am – 11pm
  • June 20:  8am – 12am
  • June 22:  8am – 12am with EMH until 2am
  • June 23:  8am – 11pm
  • June 27:  8am – 11pm

Epcot is now listed as closing at 10pm for July 4th.

If you are willing to awaken a little earlier, you could have a terrific time in the Magic Kingdom from 8am until around 11am with one of my Touring Plans.

If you were counting on a breakfast reservation at 8am getting you into the Magic Kingdom before the crowds arrived and getting that special Castle photo, sorry, but park hours have just messed up that perfect morning plan.


  1. Should we even keep our character breakfast reservation for the 23rd? Made reservations for Crystal Palace at 8:05 thinking we’d get a nice early start and an empty park for pictures. I’m thinking it might be better to just hit the park and enjoy a character breakfast another day at another location. Expert thoughts/suggestions? I follow your calendar to a tee!

  2. Oh Katie, please don’t cancel your BBB appointment for your daughter! That is truly a once in a lifetime experience and the memories will last so much longer than the lines you are trying to avoid! :)
    It really is a magical moment for a little girl and I would hate to see you give up that great time slot. you will still have a jump on so many people and your daughter will be a princess all day!

    Thanks for the update Kenny! It is so amazing that Disney forces you to plan your trip 180 days out, gets you up early to book fast passes, make ADRs and then randomly changes park hours just days before your trip. It would serve them right if everyone simply cancels those early ADRs (but not BBB appointments!)

  3. hmm, I’m going end of August – early September, I wonder if they will extend more dates. Maybe they are trying it out to see if it’s worth it?

  4. If you have an 8 AM bfast reservation will you still get let in a little early to make it back to your reservation on time or will you have to go in at 8 AM with the crowd? Thanks!

  5. Thanks Kenny for keeping us updated. We leave in 3 hours!!! Very disappointed since we had an 8:15 breakfast at Be Our Guest on one of these mornings but just have to rearrange our schedule a bit. :)

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