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March Disney World Resort Recreation Guides and Easter activities updated

Disney World Resort Recreation Activities Guides, Disney World Resort Activities Calendar

I just completed updating the March 2016 Disney World Resort Recreation Guides. You’ll find the various Easter activities listed for each resort. Many resorts offer special character meet and greets. I don’t know which characters will appear at which resort, but it does offer the times.

Walt Disney World Resort Recreation Guides


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  1. On my Disney experience it’s listed Meeko and Governor Ratcliffe for 3:30 to 4 probably a pop up meet, but hopefully not. ☺Also on my Disney experience it says under photo pass Liberty Square character experience and Liberty Glade character experience hold what do you think about photo pass is it worth the money? One more thing since streets of America is getting to town where do you think and when do you think character produce that will happen at the end of July Thanks oh and sorry for punctuation errors I’m using the voice typing

    • Pop up. If you stalk MDE for your planning, you’ll have a miserable time locating characters. Memory Maker is only worth it of you don’t have a quality camera.

      • Thanks!! Just so you know when we go to Disney I I am on your page to find characters!! You are such a big help, Thanks Kenny!!

      • What is the difference between Liberty Square Character Experience and Liberty Square Glade Character Experience? Those are 2 things listed under Photopass on My Disney Experience. By the way from your advice, I will not stalk My Disney Experience on our trip. :D

      • Kenny, 2 things, what is the difference between Liberty Square character experience and Liberty Square Glade character experience? Also when I post a comment on the main page, it always deletes it, or at least it is not there the next time i get on. But I do check this every hour. I’m a bit obsessed with Disney :D

    • I like memory maker because it includes ride photos, ride videos, character meet and greet pics, and you don’t have to carry a big camera. I also like it because you can take as many pics as you like and they will do specialty shots and you can include the whole family without having to find someone to take your picture. If you take advantage and take a lot of pics then it is well worth the money. We have many invaluable memories of when my dad went with us. He has since passed away so I will cherish those pictures forever.

      • As a side note, not a correction, photopass will take photos with your camera for free as well

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