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Walt Disney World Resort Recreation Guides

Walt Disney World Resort Recreation Guides, Schedules and Activities Calendars

Each month you’ll find the Recreation Calendars that are provided to guests upon check-in at a Disney World hotel.  They are typically updated around the end of the month before or at the beginning of the month.  You’ll find things like the Movies Under the Stars, pool games, trivia and much more.  Many resorts use the backside of the guide for a guest map.

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  1. Did you know the heading above the links to the resorts says July 2018? The correct month appears after clicking and opening the pdf, but the July 2018 had me confused!

  2. Do you know anything about the activities happening at the resorts on Halloween? My friends and I would love to meet some characters at the resorts like previous years; we were thinking maybe polynesian, grand floridian, and contemporary? Do you know the timed or schedules for any of that?

  3. So as of July, 2018, are these premium content only? You used to have the jpg on the main page, but I don’t see it, now when I click on a resort, I have to log in.

  4. This is great, thanks Kenny! We’re heading to Disney next week so we’d love to know when you’re posting the June versions?

  5. Do you have to be staying at the respective resort in order to participate in these recreational activities? Or can you just go no matter where you stay? We’ll be at Shades of Green.

  6. If I am looking for the April 2018 schedule for the Poly, can I email Disney for them to send it to me? How far in advance do the resorts have the information?

    • They release them monthly. Next will be March. They won’t have April until late March or early April and I will post them when they are live. Disney won’t email it to you in advance.

  7. Are there any rec guides for DLR resorts? We’re doing Grand Californian at the end of this month and curious if we could find any activities there.

  8. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is still the May version, but all the others have been updated to June, is this an oversight?

  9. I have never been in Disney World for Easter, so I apologize if this is a silly question. I thought each resort had character meet and greets on Easter morning. Is that not correct? For example, BoardWalk lists Easter activities, but no characters. Could characters show up there as a surprise? Thanks for the information.

  10. It is March 11 but Port Orleans Riverside recreation calendar is still for February, will it be updated soon, as all the others are March.

  11. Thanks for the info. Is there a place where I can check past activities? We are going in Nov / Dec and want to get an idea of what happened around the same time last year. TIA!

  12. Are there no special events at CBR for Easter?? I thought they had meet and greats and an egg hunt or candy scramble?

  13. Hi! Have you noticed if the days that the activities are on change each month? Would a campfire on a Tuesday in March also be on a Tuesday in April? Thanks for all you do!

  14. When will the January Schedules be available? They all link to December or November schedules now. Thanks for making this available.

  15. Do you ever get these a few days before the beginning of the month? My trip is the first week of October so I’d love to see a schedule last week of September before I leave.

  16. Thanks for your hard work Kenny. Even this little page of the site must take a lot of work to keep it up-to-date!

  17. Hi we leave in a few days and are interested in the Polynesian, Fort Wilderness and Contemporary Schedules. Do you know when these will be available please? Many thanks in advance

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