Rivers of Light to offer reserved dining

Rivers of Light official grand opening confirmed

Disney confirmed today the official grand opening date for the new Rivers of Light evening show in Animal Kingdom. In accordance with celebrating Animal Kingdom’s birthday and Earth Day, the park will officially launch Rivers of Light on April 22, 2016.

“The show, set on Discovery River in the Asia section of the park, will depict an ancient lantern festival guided by two storytellers who call forth four animal Spirit Guides: an Asian Tiger, Tropical Turtle, African Elephant and Great Horned Owl. These Spirit Guides return at different points during the show to lead the audience through their journey through the Rivers of Light.

Check out the video below to get the first look at some of the illuminated lanterns, water screens, moving fountains, light projections and other amazing elements that will be featured in “Rivers of Light.”

25 thoughts on “Rivers of Light official grand opening confirmed”

  1. We will be there on Aug 11th do you know if this show along with extended hours will still be going on or is this a limited time event?

      1. Kenny, this has nothing to do with Disney, but I was just talking to my family about this, this a weird question but I would like to know what you think. How old do you think I am?

  2. I can’t wait! I am so excited. I’m also looking forward to the new land of Pandora! Our family, including grandchildren will be going to Disney World this coming May and we will be able to see this. Thanks Kenny this made my day!!

  3. I’m going to be there on that weekend! Also, Kenny I am planning to go to Animal Kingdom on Earth Day #Florida Resident because of the random/rare characters that appear, if you had to guess which characters would appear. I know Jiminy has appeared in the past.

      1. THX SO MUCH! also would the randoms be at the front, dicovery Island, and/or Meeko or Gov Ratcliffe with Pocahontas

  4. I see that AK is open until 8:00 pm in June. Do you think they will extend the hours in July and August as well?

    1. It didn’t say. But the park closes at 6:30, so the show will probably around 6:30. But the weird thing is that the sun sets is at 7:56 (8:00). So I guess the sun will be out during the performance.

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