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All Star Resorts experience pool changes

All Star Resort pools to close earlier

Effective immediately, Disney’s All Star Resorts will close all pools and clear all pool decks promptly at 9:00pm nightly when Lifeguards will go off duty.  All pool areas will be locked at that time and no guests allowed in the area.

this move is taking place to ensure guest safety in the pool areas.  Food courts, arcades and bars will continue to operate at the same hours.


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  1. That’s ridiculous. They should be opened later than the parks. I like taking my kids for a night swim after the parks. Disney could ford having lifeguards stay an extra 2-4hours a day. I wish there was away to have people express how ridiculous it is to close the pool that early. In addition, last summer at Pop Century the pool didn’t open until 9am. Changes should be made for people who want to take some time to have their children play at the pool.

  2. In my personal opinion, if this were a safety concern, they would be doing it everywhere – it’s the noise that’s the problem. The rooms are situated close to the pools at these resorts. If parental supervision weren’t such an issue, this wouldn’t be a problem.

  3. I hope this is s temporary change as 9pm is early during peak summer hours. Wonder if they’ve been experiencing some problems?

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