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Be Our Guest Lunch Fastpass+ to end soon. Is breakfast coming?

Be Our Guest Fastpass+ to end at Magic Kingdom l kennythepirate.com

Disney World has apparently chosen to end the practice of allowing guests staying at their resorts to book Be Our Guests Fastpass+ reservations.  This lunch Fastpass proved to extremely popular, but also kept many guests from being able to enjoy lunch at one of Disney World’s most popular dining establishments.  

On February 25, 2015 Be Our Guest will cease offering Fastpass+ advance bookings in this Magic Kingdom restaurant.  It appears that Disney World may be preparing to offer standard reservations for the Lunch booking.
be our guest lunch fastpass endingIn other connected news, a rumor has been spreading that Be Our Guest will soon begin offering a breakfast meal as well.  This make good business sense to further the sales at this popular spot.   Some Cast Members even reported that it was appearing on their internal hub as a possible selection.  Looks like they’ll be offering the popular “Cronut” that is available at Epcot.

Here’s the menu that was posted:

Be Our Guest Restaurant Breakfast Menu

What do you think about the change and potential change?  Would you like to see these meals become Character centric like Dinner?



  1. I am going in April. The cast member I spoke to on the phone said the only way to get ADR is to call on February 25th. She said the dining line opens at 7am (6am my time). Wonder why you can’t book it through my Disney experience? I have a feeling it’s going to be a tough call to get through on.

    • @Jennifer
      The day BOG Dinner reservations became available to the public, everyone had to call in. I spent 6 hours non stop (switching with my husband) trying to get through. When we finally did, reservations were booked for the first 3 months.

    • I’d bet that they will offer it online as well, but go ahead and make that call around 7am while you work the ole interwebs

  2. I would absolutely love, love, love a character meal. Price is a non-issue for character meals IMHO. Disney is expensive regardless. Add the characters, I’ll pay for them! :)

  3. Sadly another case of Disney’s left hand not knowing what the right is doing. It makes a lot of sense to move the current (seriously flawed) BoG Lunch FP+ system over to the more stable MDE/ADR environment, but could the two teams not at least have talked to each other to make the transition more seamless for guests? It seems that they’ve cut off the old system for any meal dates after 25th Feb, but the replacement system won’t start working to allow guests to search and book until the same date, leaving anyone planning to travel in early March without either option working.

  4. Breakfast would be a nice addition. I like the idea of possibly opening up lunch to more people too. We don’t need the characters but it would be nice to see the place finally. It has been very difficult to get dinner ADR’s.

  5. I love Be Our Guest for lunch. Glad they are doing away with the Fast Pass. As an annual pass holder I thought it was unfair that we could not book ahead of time and got shut out of my favorite place for lunch. I would like to see it stay a counter service as is. Breakfast could be a nice option. Maybe breakfast and dinner as adr and lunch as counter. They need the counter service for lunch.

  6. Interesting…I just booked FP+ at BOG for lunch the other day (reservation for Monday, February 23rd) and I remember being very confused why there weren’t even days listed past February 24th through the end of our stay on the 28th.

    I guess this explains it!

  7. Thanks for the update. We were dissapointed with Dinner and loved Lunch. Not sure if we will wait or try the breakfast if it is offered- since we won’t be going until May 2016.

  8. It was ridiculous there a couple of weeks ago, they’d issued so many FP that they stopped people entering standby at 10:55 as they were full for the entire lunchtime. People were screaming and shouting at the staff outside. I’m glad they’re making it a fair playing field

  9. Breakfast would be delicious. It would be pretty cool too to have Belle in her blue dress and maybe one other character such as Lumiere, Cogsworth, Beast, or Papa for breakfast.

  10. Sad to see the fast pass go. This was always our “hidden” gem. I do like the idea that they may be adding breakfast as a option this would be a fun option. The addition of characters would also be nice. I really do like how the beast does a quick walk through and then meets guest in his study. Maybe the addition and rotation of other characters in the same room would work? Thanks for always keeping us in the loop.

  11. Characters would certainly be fun, but I’m more psyched about this possibly becoming ADR only. We used a Fastpass to eat there last year and it was great, but boy I felt sorry for all those folks waiting in the standby line. With its popularity, ADRs just make sense. Plus, a pre-park breakfast ADR at Be Our Guest would be amazing. :)

  12. why would Disney choose to do such a thing right before the high peak season? I was all prepared to book a FP for it . I think if they are going to do such a thing it should be done in off season.

  13. I wouldn’t mind the characters, but not if the normal Disney character meal prices follow. They have Beast meeting after dinner without any increase in price, so if they can add others without raising the price, that would be good. Thankfully you can meet Gaston and Belle elsewhere in the park without cost. It would be fun to add some of the servants, Mrs Potts, Luminere, Cogsworth, etc, but again, I’m not interested in having something like that raise the price. This is one of the few really delicious meals that is reasonable (by Disney standards).

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