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Would you pay $99 to meet Olaf, Kristoff, Anna and Elsa?

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Magic Kingdom management has been extremely happy with the sales and guest feedback of the Villains Sinister Soiree, and is said to be considering a similar dessert party/parade viewing/fireworks viewing package for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

One iteration that has been proposed and has received some great interest is offering a meet and greet with Olaf in the lower lobby at Cinderella’s Royal Table and having Kristoff, Anna and Elsa mingle among the tables.  It would be really difficult for Olaf to mingle and he’d need some snow.  Elsa would lead the guests in a rendition of “Let it Go!” and they will have some special treats and take home trinkets.  The cost would again be $99.00, if this proposal passes.

It would likely have the words Frozen and Royal in the package name.  We know Olaf will be in the parade, likely on that little house float that I pointed out was mysteriously naked in the Frozen Parade at Hollywood Studios or joining the ice skating float with Kristoff.   Anna and Elsa will also join the parade.  I’m sure some characters will either be removed from the parade or be made to walk the parade route.

Frozen Mania is overtaking Walt Disney World and Disney Parks worldwide, so this doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch to me.

If they were to offer Olaf and/or Kristoff at the Christmas Party as a regular meet and greet, it would create a line that would probably close by 5:30 or 6:00pm for the entire night.

Would you pay $99 to meet Olaf, Kristoff, Anna and Elsa?


  1. Any more info? I called and asked and was rudely told ansolutely not. Can honestly say it was the first negative experience I’ve ever had contacting Disney. Thanks!

  2. Looks like the rumor may be getting ready to become reality!

    I was on the WDW site today confirming plans/reservations for our trip in November – On the dates for MVMCP, the Cinderella’s Royal Table page now lists a “Special Ticketed Event” from 6:40 PM – 8:00 PM (https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/magic-kingdom/cinderella-royal-table/)

    No specific title is given for the ticketed event, but my guess is that your report of the Frozen Meet & Greet may be correct!

  3. Considering my 3 and 5 year old can recite the entire movie, that we will be celebrating my 5yr old’s bday at MVMCP this year, and the fact that although my husband and I were primed and ready to go to sign up for Elsa and Anna meet and greet fast passes at 11:59p 60d before our trip AND FOUND THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN DISTRIBUTED for EVERY SINGLE DAY of our ENTIRE trip ALREADY as soon as we logged on (HUGE disappointment! HUGE!), we would definitely consider paying for a special soirée to meet them! At this point, we are trying to figure out our strategy to make a run for Fairytale Hall at rope drop! Considering the amount of money we are already spending just to get to Disney, the hundreds of miles we are traveling, ect, to get there, and then to not get to meet a character that your child, who is growing up way too fast anyway, is so fond of, is quite heartbreaking, as a parent. It’s ridiculous to pay that much, but I guess I would do it, just to see my little girls’ faces light up when they meet them.

  4. I think this is really sad. I feel so fortunate to have gone to Disney so often for the past 5 years before all of these changes started taking place. In the past 5 years we have met Maleficent for free, Anna & Elsa at EPCOT, (no FP+ ridiculousness!) Flynn Rider before he was cut, almost all of the fairies etc…..The list goes on and on. We met all of these characters and so many more with ease, and no extra cost. The changes Disney has made over the past year make me really sad, and I’m actually glad that my 7 year old and 5 year old are beginning to be interested in Universal. I won’t be pushing for Disney anymore : (

  5. I would definitely pay for this one. My son is a huge Frozen fan and loves Olaf. I would be crazy to miss this opportunity for him. Even though he is only two. We watch this movie almost everyday sometimes several times a day.

  6. I know that this would sell out but it feels a little bit. I can’t blame Disney for taking advantage but I keep thinking about the larger families or those who just can’t afford it. As for us, we would pass because there are too many other things that we’d rather do during party time.

  7. I would not pay extra for this. I paid extra for the MVMCP in hopes of meeting Elsa and Anna. I’ll be seriously disappointed if I paid for the hard ticket event and then didn’t get to even meet them because they were at the soiree. I’d even seriously consider asking for my money back.

  8. So what are the chances of this actually happening? Is it something that will go onsale soon if they do decide to do it? I would pay it so I don’t have to wait in like to meet Anna and Elsa. And were celebrating a birthday and I havent been able to find any character dining so this would be even better!

  9. Yep. I’d pay it. For sure. Only thing that would potentially stop me is the 10pm seating. May be too late for our 3 year old, although she’s been up that late at Disney before.

  10. If we did the winter holidays in Disney I would be there in a second! We are doing MNSSHP and villains don’t appeal to my little one so we passed. But your write up makes me want to go!!

  11. YES! I bought MVMCP tickets hoping they would do something similar to the soiree. As soon as I hear it is confirmed, I will be calling Disney immediately to book the special event! I love the idea of dessert at the castle and if it includes frozen characters, especially Olaf, I would be very pleased.

  12. I hate to say I’d do it. My son is obsessed with Frozen & would freak if he could meet Olaf. We will be there for a Xmas party so I guess we will see what happens.

  13. Meeting Anna and Elsa is tops on my list of things to do, but at what cost? I dont even want to wait in hours long lines on a regular park day for it. To pay the $70 for the party ticket plus an extra $99 for the dessert party seems crazy. For my family of 5 it would cost us $850 for 5 hours. It’s insane no matter how much money you have. It’s disappointing that Disney would do this. How sad for people who’ve paid (extra) for the party to find out that they can’t even do regular old Anna/Elsa meet. All that said, clearly plenty of people would do this. (and if it were just me and one daughter, I could see considering it-esp if I was local and that was all I was paying for) BUT, I have two daughters, and a son who wouldnt want to miss out….so for me, no way.

  14. I don’t understand why they have to close the main meet and greet line if they are at the party. i know characters aren’t seen in more than one place at one time, but they are at character meals and in meeting places at the same time. ie: mickey is at garden grill while also meeting guest in inovations at times. Also i think they need to add Hans! Yes he’s a bad guy, but so is Gaston and he’s one of the best characters in MK.

  15. I’d pay it. But won’t be there for Xmas parties so irrelevant for me.

    But I can guarantee this sells out immediately for all party dates.

  16. For myself, I would not; for my daughter, I would. So I guess that means yes, I would fork over an additional $200 to make my little girl happy. I wouldn’t pay just to meet the characters though. I assume we would get some type of special food or desserts, and some type of souvenir or keepsake, in addition to the characters. It’s really more about the overall experience, I guess.

  17. I’m with Lisa – it probably isn’t the best decision I’ve ever made, but yes, yes I would pay an extra $99 for that. And I just met A&E at MNSSHP. And I wasn’t planning on attending a Christmas party at all this year. And I obviously have poor impulse control. But I do love warm hugs.

    *sigh* When do you think they will announce the official sign up date/time?? Might as well put it on my calendar now…

  18. The day i pay money to meet any character would be the day i stop going to Disney parks.That is like a slap in the face to Walt.The one thing that brings smiles to kids faces is when they see characters.Not all people have money for these parks and on top of it charge for a meet and greet.I would be embarrassed to tell my kid that i paid to actually meet characters.This is coming from a 40 yr old man who loves characters and u know tht.I have took a plane just for parties and drove from NY just to meet special rare characters that DisneyWorld finally brings out.Im pretty sure with the money Disney makes they dont need to be charging for this!Wheres The Magic

  19. If I’m understanding correctly, you’d pay for the Christmas party and pay for the Frozen party on top of that? Is park admission included in the Christmas party, or is that another expense?

    $99 per person is pretty steep, but I’d do it but only in lieu of a birthday party with friends (for my 7yo).

  20. I would absolutely pay that. I’m not proud of my answer, but I would definitely pay for an exclusive Frozen party. In fact, I might plan a trip around it.

  21. I’m getting really tired of these high dollar extras. I get they’re in it to make money, so I can’t get too upset, but prices just keep going up and up!! Paying $170 a person to do this, when you end up missing most of the party you paid $70 to attend is kind of crazy! But then a lot of people pay it so they’ll keep having them. Meeting Olaf and Kristoff would be cool though.

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