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A super awesome Epcot Training meet


I was notified today that a really great character would be flying in to visit Epcot today.  When I read the message it was 2:00pm and the friend informed me the character would only be there once more around 3:00pm.  Initially I wondered if the report was accurate or someone was just discussing a recent Cast Member event that brought out some really rare Disney Afternoon characters.  He assured me it was an Epcot Training Meet that would be occurring at the World Showplace.

It was Launchpad McQuack!  After 10 years and 3 different Disney Parks, I finally had the opportunity to meet Launchpad!

When they threw the gates open Launchpad flung his arms open and no one near ran to greet him, so I accepted the man hug and told him how exciting it was to finally meet him.  It was like 97 degrees, so I learned that Olaf isn’t the only one giving out warm hugs these days.  Now I can just hope to meet Darkwing Duck one day!

Launchpad McQuack appears for Epcot Training


  1. Awesome meet! You’re so lucky to meet the elusive Launchpad McQuack! Do you happen to know the best months for the ‘rarer’ characters to appear for the character training? I am heading in mid September of this year and was just wondering :)

  2. Psyched for you dude. Great meet. Looking forward to reading about u killing it tomorrow. I wish I could hit that, sounds amazing…

    Btw this is Halloween related but I read in addition to mix and mingle villians at castle, there will be opportunities to me et maleficent , cruella etc at other places that night as well..

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