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Disney confirmed Long Lost Friends Week – January 21-27

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Update: Long-lost Friends Week character meet and greet hours are said to be 9:00 am to 2:10 pm in Town Square

As I reported to you earlier in the week, Walt Disney World’s first “Long Lost Friends Week” will take place January 21-27 at the Magic Kingdom. Disney has officially stated that the Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, The Three Little Pigs, Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow will be appearing. They promise other “surprises.” Hopefully those surprises include some that I mentioned earlier (Pinocchio group, Ludwig Von Drake and Scrooge McDuck). I could live without the Pinocchio group if it means getting some more really rare characters for a week.

What rare character would you like to see?

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Additional Limited Time Magic coming in the future:
True Love Week Feb 11-17, 2013
Magic Kingdom
Cinderella Castle will blush pink and red while lovebirds celebrate a week filled with royal Prince and Princess Meet ‘N’ Greets and limited-edition Disney Valentine collectibles.

Independence Week July 1-7, 2013
Magic Kingdom
The 4th of July is seven days long this year as Disney salutes America with a spectacular 4th of July Fireworks Party. Everything will be red, white and blue, from the fireworks and Cinderella Castle down to special-edition U.S.A. shirts, ear hats and other patriotic souvenirs.

Unleash the Villains Friday, Sep 13, 2013
Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
The Disney villains are so excited about Friday the 13th, they’re taking over Disney’s Hollywood Studios®! Join in the fun for a night of mischief and a villainous dance party that will last until the 13th hour (1 a.m.).


  1. Hey! I was wondering If there were any updates! Did anyone see any rare characters today? If so which ones. BTW this site is awesome. Just happen to come across it today.

  2. Luckily met all 5 groups during the 1st 2 sets. The characters were doing 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, and it seemed to me that tons of people stayed in line during the 30 “off” minutes, just waiting for characters to come back out. Character attendants were letting people get in line while warning them that the characters would leave before they got to them, and wouldn’t be back for half an hour, but that did not stop a lot of people from waiting.

    Very crowded, very popular.

  3. If you see a tall guy in shorts and a grey shirt early in the morning standing at the entrance of MK come say hello ;). It will be me hitting the Park really early.

  4. Just left Epcot and saw Brer Bear, Jafar, Max & Goofy, Turk, Gideon the cat from Pinnochio, Baloo & King Louie. They were there for like an hr but were signing autographs. The cast attendants would not confirm if they were coming back and if they were when that would be.

  5. Hi Kenny : my question is about Unleash the Villains Friday, Sep 13, 2013
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
    If Disney does this and they follow there plans as last year with the MNSSHP do you think they will have villains at both parks. Or will the post a different date for the MNSSHP like Saturday or Sunday. Also there is a pin event in Epcot that weekend with villians as the theme in it. How can Disney pull this all off.Thank you for the great site

  6. When exactly is the long lost friends going to end? We will be there Jan. 30 – Feb. 4. I am really hoping to get some different characters this trip since we were just there in August. Thanks!

  7. Just met Launchpad in the alleyway to the left of the American Adventure.

    This probably fits in more with the Epcot Training post, but I feel it’s definitely in the spirit of Long Lost Friends.

    Couldn’t find a Cast Member willing to confirm (or deny) any future appearances at that location today though.

  8. Hi kenny just want to know if these characters are going to be out the whole week from 9:00-2:10 everyday.Or are they bringing them out seperately for instance one day robin hood next day clarabelle cow?? It stinks because we live in new jersey and i cant really miss work and if i was to set a quick 2 day stay down there,it would be for only rare characters not the ones i have plenty of pics with?

    • I was told that all characters will appear each day, but may not appear at exactly the same time. There will be some rotation going on. I’ll be there Monday to provide full details. The ones Disney listed are supposedly guaranteed to appear.

  9. SO EXCITED!!! We are going Jan. 25, and our first day in the parks will be the 26th… we love to meet the characters, and Robin Hood is my husband’s favorite movie!! Oh, hooray. My kids are all so excited. Can’t believe our first trip in four years overlaps with this. :)

  10. Hi Kenny its Luvchefmic fellow Disser So here’s the questiion: Will the characters have meet & greet photo ops or merely be appearing like in a stage show or parade? So hoping for one on one pics especially Horace Horsecollar as a horse owner this would be priceless See you around boards & thanks again Ruthie

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