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New Job Listing May Be a Sign that a New Walt...

Want to work in "The Most Magical Place on Earth?" Find out which position is now available at a new Walt...

New Possible Opening Date for Space 220

We have a new rumored opening timeframe for EPCOT's newest restaurant, Space 220. Do you think it will actually open this time!?

More Evidence for an April 2020 Opening Date for Space 220

After several days, there is more evidence that Space 220 will open next month. Epcot's newest restaurant promises to be out of...

Rumor: Another Delay for Space 220 Opening

If you're hoping to eat at Space 220 on an upcoming trip, you may have to wait a little longer. Read...

Rumor: Space 220 Opening Pushed Back, Exact Date Speculated

We have a rumored opening date for Epcot's Space 220, and it's later than expected. Check below for all the details.