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A new Ride and Learn is Released, Check it out Here

Ahoy mateys! Shiver me timbers, Disney has released another ride and learn and it's all about Pirates.

Round 4 Game 1: Vote for your Favorites in the KtP...

Vote for your favorite Walt Disney World attractions in our first ever KennythePirate Attractions Tournament! We are moving on to round 4’s...

Disney-fy Your Downtime: Disney Rides at Home and Song Parodies

The KennythePirate Writing Crew has shared many great ways to Disney-fy your downtime. Even in the midst of an ever-changing world,...

Is it Scary? Analyzing Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland Attractions

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is home to many family-friendly attractions, but some of them might be too intense for guests to...

Redd the Pirate to mingle through Disneyland’s New Orleans Square

"Redd" the new pirate in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction around the world will be availabe to interact with guests at Disneyland! As you...