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Mears Releases a New Statement on Disney’s Magical Service Announcement

Just when we had aspirations of 2021 being our year it comes as a complete shock with news of Disney's Magical Service...

Breaking: Another BIG Complimentary Offering Will Be Eliminated

Today we learned of another complimentary offering from Walt Disney World that will be discontinued soon. The news just keeps getting...

Disney’s Magical Express: What Changes can you Expect?

If you're planning to visit Walt Disney World anytime soon, you may be wondering if Disney's Magical Express is subject to any...

Transportation and Merchandise Updates for Next Month’s Disney World Reopening

In the latest round of Disney World reopening updates, we find out if Magical Express will still be available for onsite Guests....

What To Expect When You’re Expressing: Your Guide to Disney’s Magical...

One of the perks of staying onsite at Walt Disney World is having the option to take the Magical Express from Orlando International Airport...