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Polynesian Resort Refurbishment Looks To Be Ahead of Schedule

When a project wraps up quicker than expected, that's usually the best news for Disney and its guests. Signs are pointing to a project...

Disney World pool feature will have refurbishment

One of the features at this Disney World pool is scheduled for a brief refurbishment. Will this affect any of your plans? Pool Refurbishments Refurbishment...

Several Disney World Pools will CLOSE for Refurbishment

A few pool refurbishments are scheduled for a number of Walt Disney World resorts. Will this affect one of your future stays? Pool Refurbishments Refurbishment...

Resort Refurbishment Dates Revealed For Magic Kingdom Hotels

Planning a Disney vacation? If you are staying at one of these hotels, you may be visiting during a pool refurbishment. Read on for...

Refurbishments Scheduled for Walt Disney World Pools

It's the season for pool refurbishments at Walt Disney World resorts. Check out the recent refurbishments announced and see if it affects your...