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Character Locator is available for iPhone and other mobile devices.

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NOTE:  This is a web based application, it is not a “download”

We’re excited to announce that characterlocator.com is now available for subscription.  We’ve received hundreds of positive reviews and even made a few changes based on review feedback.

  • Park hours that are updated as they change,
  • FULL character schedules,
  • FULL show schedules,
  • Rides with descriptions and when it’s best to ride
  • Dining menus with prices for all four parks.

In addition users have access to information for

  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – includes characters, shows, available rides with waits, available dining and dates
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – includes characters, shows, available rides with waits, available dining and dates
  • All Character meals
  • A list of Rare characters that you might find in Walt Disney World
  • Star Wars Weekends information!

There’s NO app on the market that packs this much information into your mobile device.  We’ve invested hundreds of hours into building this app and update it every Saturday night to make sure you have current, fresh information at your fingertips!

ktp iconBut Kenny, why isn’t it in the iTunes or Android market?  We desired to build something that can be updated on a moment’s notice.  If something changes at the parks, we can respond immediatley to make the change.  Static apps like iTunes and Google Play don’t allow us the flexibility to provide you the BEST service possible.

Here’s how you can create an APP ICON that will allow you to click directly from the home screen on your iPhone:

“While the page is open in the Safari browser, click the rectangle with the arrow to the left of the address bar and choose ‘Add page to home screen.”

www.characterlocator.com can be purchased using your Paypal account or any major credit card in a secure transaction.  You can preview 5 items on each page without purchasing to see how great the app really is.

How’s the new Character Locator app coming along?

I’ve been tweeting images  and comparisons to another popular app over the last few days as we complete work on the NEW Character Locator+ app Version 2.1568992317.  Okay, that’s enough of the silliness.  You guys want details, facts, cheeseburgers! The largest majority of the app and the programming are completed.  I’m working on entering menus for all the Counter and Table Services locations for all Four Parks.  I had NO idea that there are over 140 of those and it will take about 15,000 entries to complete that.  I’m about half finished with the menus now.  I can’t get the trained monkeys to stop eating the bananas and get back to entering data that I collected on my recent fact finding mission.  It’s funny because I tweeted that I was working at the parks and people thought I was kidding.  I’ve taken photos of every ride, show, character, dining location and menu in all four parks.  Does that qualify me for a Wreck-it Ralph HERO award?

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Disney World Character Locator App

The Disney World Character Locator app is currently available for Android devices.  Free download.  Upgrade for only $1.49 to remove ads and see all the extra features.