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Soar Back in time: Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Climb aboard your favorite flying elephant! Ride along as we take a deep dive into the magic of one of Disney...

This Hollywood Studios Attraction may be Closed Forever

It looks as if we may no longer be able to experience one of Hollywood Studio's most nostalgic attractions. Full details below.

Final Game: Vote for your Favorite Attraction in the KtP Attraction...

Vote for your ultimate Walt Disney World attraction in our final game of the KennythePirate Attractions Tournament! We are voting today on...

Is it Scary? Analyzing Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland Attractions

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is home to many family-friendly attractions, but some of them might be too intense for guests to...

Is It Scary? Analyzing Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Attractions

Many visitors feel anxious about riding theme park attractions, particularly those that might frighten them. Some people love surprises, but I...