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  1. My husband and I are going to Disney World for our honeymoon next month. We have the deluxe dining plan. We are booked for dinner at Minnies seasonal Dine at Hollywood and Vine. I ate here a few years ago for a regular lunch, and really wasn’t impressed with the food. Has the food menu changed much? Would you eat here, or book somewhere else? Any recommendations?

  2. Kenny,
    Have a reservation at Be Our Guest at 9:00PM. If we show up at 8:30PM and check-in, will they let us meet the Beast prior to eating or do you have to do that afterwards? If you can meet him first, is 30 minutes prior to dinner reservation sufficient? Thanks.

  3. Hi Kenny, question. I have dining reservations for the crystal Palace on 10/31 for 3 people, but now I need to change it to 4 people and there are no reservations left for me to add my niece. Do you think the restaurant will let my niece come in with us under my reservation?

    • I don’t find purchasing the plans worth the cost because there’s so many desserts and large meals. We come out cheaper without

  4. Any ideas why you can’t reserve VIP tickets/ restaurant to Hollywood studios ? I’m exactly 180 days out and was trying to book a dining reservation for Minnie’s Holiday Party with the VIP seating to the show at the end of the night and there’s no dates at all for December… Have you heard anything about it yet?

      • Something is not right and hoping Kenny can shed some light on it. We’re going the week after Thanksgiving (light crowds according to Kenny’s calendar). At our 180 day mark, I used Kenny’s “how to get all of your dining reservations” advice and was able to secure reservations at all of the parks except for Hollywood Studios. We wanted to get the Fantastic package at Minnie’s Holiday Dine, but it said no reservations available. I dug further ad we’ve not been able to make any reservations at any HS restaurant for any day during our trip. I find it extremely unlikely that every restaurant is booked every day at every time for 5 days. I called the WDW dining line and was told that everything is booked up. The lady was actually pretty rude, which if course is unusual for Disney.

  5. I have a trip booked the week after Thanksgiving, logged on and was ready to book my ADRs right at 6 a.m. and EVERYTHING was booked! I wasn’t surprised about BOG but I couldn’t get Tusker House, Akershus, Coral Reef, Garden Grill… Even at off times, even toward the end of my trip. Trying to book for 5, not 4, but still… Is this normal? Any hope things will open up?

    • No, but their dining reservation booking system has been a total mess the last 2 weeks. I’ve tried booking for people and only had success through calling on the phone.

  6. I’m understanding there is a Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom and one in Disney Springs. Correct? Are they the exact same?

  7. I am planning our first family trip to Disney. We have four children with the youngest being an infant. Our plan is to let the 3 older kids share a bed but in order to do that we had to leave our 3 year old off of the reservation ( we are going to purchase her park tickets later, possibly upon arrival). We did get the dining plan, but again, the 3 year old doesn’t eat much so we weren’t worried about her having her our plan. Now that I am making reservations I see that I have to list names for the reservation and I can’t list our 3 year old because she isn’t in the system. Can you offer any advice? Will they let her in with us even though she isn’t listed on the reservation? When would you suggest purchasing her tickets…upon arrival or before hand?

    • Child under 3 doesn’t need a name for reservation, child 3 to 9 does. Child 3 to 9 also needs park tickets. Waiting until arrival to buy tickets is a horrible idea, because you won’t be able to choose your FP+ before your trip.

    • Hi B.L,
      Concerning your plan of not including your 3 year old in the room reservation (in order for her to be able to share a double-sized bed with her 2 siblings), did a Disney World rep (travel agent or DW rep over the phone) suggest you do it that way (so you don’t have to take the dining plan for her) or was it your own decision?
      As for your question, buying park tickets asap is better so you can program FP+ for the whole family together.

      • i called to book our reservation today and was told they would no longer be offering free dining??? Seemed a bit odd to me but i figured i would keep calling. other blogs are already reporting “speculated” times they will offer it this fall.

  8. Can you tell me anything about what substitutions can be made on the dining plans (ie instead of dessert every meal are there other options?) Thanks! You site has been a lifesaver planning this trip!

  9. How does ordering at counter service restaurants work when you are on the Disney Dining Plan in terms of using the magic bands? Does everyone present his wrist band for validation or does 1 person present all the magic bands when ordering for the whole family? Or, does 1 person (mom or dad, or both?) have all the credits in his magic band?

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